New Kanzashi Hairclips… Angel Crafts Shop…

i have been working hard and can finally show off the new hairclips i have been working on for the past couple of weeks.

i have some new Christmas themed ones, some old favourites in new colours and even the very first Kanzashi Flower Hairband 😀

Here’s a peek at a few of them… (click on the pictures to go to product page for more details on each of them):

Happy… is what i think when i see this pair of hairclips… don’t they just make you smile? 😉
Christmas Tree and Sparkles says it all… Christmas time is so special…
First Kanzashi Hairband on a ribbon-covered metal band… pretty, don’t you think?
i love the contrast between the satin gold and the geometric pattern…
Very simple, yet lovely hairpin in traditional Christmas green and red…
Elephants are one of my favourite animals… they are such amazing creatures… this one makes my day!

Check out the rest of the new additions at the shop!

Oh, by the way, did you notice the new layout of the shop? i have over 80 items listed now. And instead of you having to scroll through all of them to find what you want, i have organised them into groups so it would make your shopping easier.

Did i miss out any category? If yes, do comment and let me know. Thanks.

Happy Browsing and Shopping!


New Collection at Angel Crafts Shop…

It’s Glad Rags and Knick Knacks, handmade by my dear friend, Alan, in support of the precious children i advocate for.

This is a collection of Kanzashi flowers, made from left-over / recycled cloth and whatever materials he can get his hands on. And for this reason, the flower hairclips in this collection can NOT be recreated and are truly one of a kind.

Alan makes them during his spare time, in between being an amazing Occupational Therapist and a caring husband to my beloved sister (not blood-related and even closer than that) as well as a doting father to my godson.

This is also a collection where the hairclips are sold individually and NOT as pairs, like my other collections/editions.

Here are a few of my favourites from the Glad Rags and Knick Knacks Collection:

i love checkered patterns! Do you?
i love checkered patterns! Do you?
This is just so stunning...
This material is just stunning…
That soft coral colour just makes me happy...
i smile when i see this soft coral colour…

Have a browse, make a purchase and remember 50% of all sales goes towards Cody’s adoption grant in the month of September!

Thank you.