The Gift Of A Family…

i am always always always grateful for my family; for my husband and son, for my mummy, daddy and brother, for my godma, for my grandma, for my aunts and uncles, for my cousins, for my in-laws, for my nephews and nieces… we may not always agree or even be in the same country BUT we are family!

And to be without them is unimaginable!

So the gift of a family is what i hope and pray for all the orphans in the world and while i can not give every one of them a family, i do what i can to help the few whom i know how to and can help.

This video shows you children who are home, safe in the arms of love as the song says. i have been privileged in the last 2 years to be a tiny part of a few of those children’s journey to love and nothing, nothing beats the feeling of knowing i was a small part of their journey, even though we may never meet.

Right now, we are 2 days from the end of the Angel Tree Fundraiser (see here for first post about it). A very generous donor has offered to get 55 of the children over the US$500 mark for their Angel Tree fund IF we get the other 55 over! Details and double entries into a great giveaway are HERE!

You can CLICK HERE and give to any child who has less than US$500 in their Angel Tree fund (red numbers). You would then be a part of their journey to the loving arms of a forever family.

DATELINE: by Midnight Sunday, 29th December, US Time.

Thank you very much.


Double Entries…

Jasper, 12 years old, needs a loving family to care for him.
Jasper, 12 years old, needs a loving family to care for him.

UPDATE: Jasper is AGAIN featured on the All Angels Giveaway because there was an error in sharing yesterday’s link. THANK YOU. So you have one more chance at Double Entries!

So TODAY (Monday, December 16th, US Time) you will need to give either to Michael or Jasper. See TODAY’s All Angels Giveaway.


Yep, that’s right you will get double entries into both our Jewelry Giveaway and the All Angels Giveaway – just for TODAY (Sunday, December 15th, US Time)!!

Jasper (Asia) has been featured on For All Our Angels and has been added to the All Angels Giveaway just for 24 hours!! So if you give to Jasper (Asia) TODAY, you get entered into 2 GIVEAWAYS!

The All Angels Giveaway has wonderful prizes, including US$1000 to a Reece’s Rainbow Child or Family of your choice, a US$450 Vitamix Blender, and other lovely prizes… so check it out here!

Jeff is the Child of the Day on For All Our Angels. So if you give to Jeff TODAY, i will add you to our Jewelry Giveaway too!

Jeff, 11 years old, waits for his forever family.

Click on Jasper‘s and Jeff‘s names/pictures to go to their profile page to contribute.
Remember to send your receipt of your giving to sandra_chia(at)hotmail(dot)com for entry into these giveaways!

Thank you.