Public Service Notice…

Beware of trolls
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A day ago a porn website liked one of my post & started following my blog. 😦

i have contacted WordPress to ask if they could remove the link.

This is WordPress’ reply:


Your website is publicly available on the internet so there is not a way to block certain users from viewing it.

There is an option to set your site visibility as private. This will ensure that only you and members that you choose can view your site:

We also do have an abuse form that you can use to report the user:

— Lorenzo

The abuse link is no use as they can only action upon blogs hosted at WordPress.

Now i don’t want to set my website to private because i advocate for special needs orphans and need as many people as possible to view the blog so that these orphans can be helped.

My only solution is to warn my readers of this undesirable website which has chosen to like and follow my blog. So please do not click upon the link to sharemychickmail – unless you are so inclined.

Please know that i have no association with this porn site and do not wish to be either.

Thank you.


One Year…

Today (oops! missed 1st jan by 20 minutes – it should have been posted on 1st Jan, not 2nd jan) marks One Year since came into existence and i started blogging here. (You can read about this blog’s previous life here.)


WordPress has done a great job of summarising the year for me:

  • There have been 167 posts in 2012.
  • There have been about 6,600 visitors from 65 countries!

And i would like to give a special thanks to my top 3 commentors for showing me and my blog such love:

Thanks so much ladies for showing my blog and my writing such attention and love. i am very grateful and it has been wonderfully encouraging to read comments from everyone.

i know i have a number of followers as well and i thank you also. (i apologise if i have not gotten back to visiting your blog yet… i will… it will just take me some time…) It is amazing to realise that my words are being read and that people appreciate them enough to click “Follow”. Thank you very much.

i started, hoping to bring more to my blog, more about Switzeland where we live, more about parenting, more about writing, more about photography…


it turned out different – isn’t that what life is all about? – i did get to bring more to my blog but it has brought so much more to me; more than i could ever imagine…

i have met wonderful people in blogosphere and have gained so much from their writing. i have learnt and grown and matured as a writer through this whole year.

God has also allowed me to be of good use in His Kingdom plans; He has allowed me to become an advocate and prayer warrior for those without a voice of their own; for special needs orphans. If you have followed from the start, you would realised that from about the third month of its existence, more than 60% of this blog is devoted to special needs orphans. It will continue to be so. (Click here to read more posts about the orphans and how you can help too. Click here to read about some families who are in the adoption process and how you can help.)

However, in 2013, i also hope to be able to bring more of my writing life (perhaps more in the form of shared articles about writing as i am so “young” in my writing life) and more of my photography onto this blog. Of course, our happenings in Switzerland and our travels will also be featured at times.

So here’s to 2013 and wishing you all a fulfilling year!

Thank you once again for reading and loving on my blog. Hope you will continue tripping differently with me.


No, Not Again…

Summer is really not a good time for our computers – sigh! This morning i turned on the computer and was met with a grey screen – that’s right – grey, not blue (which i think is worse). So what does grey mean?

Grey means that it was able to run on limited capacity but can not actually start the proper Windows platform – sigh!

It ran the Auto Repair program a few times – nothing. It found that 2 “boot critical” files were corrupted. So i clicked on Advance Options, hoping for another solution. Because i simply can not believe that my laptop which was functioning perfectly, showed no signs of any problems just 8 hours before is now unable to start!

Anyhow, i didn’t give up (at that time). i tried to do a System Restore to an earlier date, thinking maybe an update is causing the problems. It said System Restore successful but upon restarting, we were back at grey again! This happened both times i tried restoring to different dates.

i’m composing this on my little Dell netbook, which has no picture editor, which i use mainly to write so i have very limited programs on it (to avoid distractions). So this post will have no picture.

This also once again means i have lost files! AHGRGRRR… (see here for other losses.) i did the last backup 2 months ago – so at least it’s only 2 months worth of files. But i was in the process of painstakingly downloading from our LJ picture gallery (see the above link for details about that story) over 500 photos. Now i will have to restart the process – sigh! What time will be wasted re-downloading those 100 over photos i had already done. SIGH!

Oh well, the laptop was getting old (i think almost 4 or 5 years old).  Maybe, just maybe (fingers, toes and eyes all crossed) we could get it to work again? At least long enough to retrieve those files. sigh… 😦