Goodbye Jules…

Yesterday evening, we said goodbye to our beloved gerbil, Jules, our longest-lived gerbil to date, 3 years and 2 plus months.

goodbyeJules20181114.pngShe was our little fighter to the end. She had a tumor growing in her belly, just like her sister Claudia (we said goodbye in June to Claudia). BUT she was still running around and trying to get on with life as normal. However, we knew it was time, she could no longer climb up to get water or even into her sand bath.

We took her to our lovely vet, who tried her best to give us maybe a few more months but in the end, we decided it was better to let her go while she was not suffering too much. The vet had said that she was already in distress from the huge size of her stomach and the ultrasound showed both water and tumor inside so…

Goodbye, dearest Jules! You gave us lots of fun and laughter. We hope you are having fun with your sisters in gerbil heaven now.

You can read about when we first brought them all home here.


Roof Repair…

roof_repair20181031Yep, our roof is getting a once over. Well, not the whole roof, just parts of it, which were not well done during the renovation by the developer; mainly the dormer windows and the mounting of the solar panels. This is what happens when you buy an apartment in an old building and did not check the roof (but really, who checks the roof?! And even if i did, i would not know what i was looking at).

i was slightly disappointed when the work did not start the week they said it would and i had to write an email to ask what was happening. No explanation was given, just that they have delayed works by a week. Quite unprofessional in my eyes, but at least they did start the work.

This delay means… this week we have rainy weather – not great for roof works – so no work was done, as far as i can see. Hopefully, they will still finish on time, or at a minimum, they would finish before more rainy weather sets in.