Tweet, Tweet… I’m on Twitter…

Can you believe it? I signed up for Twitter!

I have been thinking about joining Twitter for quite a while now. The thought first popped into my head that it might be a good idea to get on Twitter was a couple of years ago when I attended my second SCBWI Europolitian Conference and lots of people there talked about being on Twitter and keeping up with industry news – the industry of children’s books.

But being on social media takes time and I have this blog, Facebook, Instagram (with 2 accounts, one for me and one for Lexi, our Schnauzer), and even Goodreads, plus a couple of email accounts, isn’t that enough? Oh, and also a very-little-used Pinterest account.

What tipped the scales is that I volunteered to help manage the SCBWI Switzerland‘s Twitter account so I thought I had better get an account and learn more about Twitter.

So to that end, seasoned Twitter users, any tips? What are Lists, Topics and Moments? Help?

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Unexpected Snowfall Prompts Some Thoughts…

i have never been very political or vocal about hot-button topics on this blog because it’s mainly geared towards keeping our family and friends updated, with a period of orphan-advocacy which worked along side a small non-profit craft business which has since closed.

But this morning i woke up to roughly 1.5 inches of snow, which was a big surprise, after last week’s really warm spring weather. Of course, i sort of knew snow was expected as it was forecasted. But i was expecting it to snow for like a couple of hours with no ground cover at all. As you can see from the pictures below, it’s not only ground cover, it’s a solid layer of snow which crunches under your feet as you walk over it.

This led me to think about climate change; that’s a topic which brings debate, doesn’t it? i don’t really want to start an argument. However, i will state my point of view; i believe climate change has been happening since the industrial age and it has sped up in recent years, and if we don’t do something about it, we will be looking at some form of disaster for our planet, the animals and us, the human race.

Here are a few links, if you are interested, relating to climate change with statistics specific to Switzerland:

A quick read from Climate Change Post. More details from, a charity which focuses on saving birds, about temperatures, snowfall and rainfall. A look at the water situation and climate change in Switzerland by the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research.

So i have been doing my little part to help reverse climate change; i have switched to plant-based cleaners, using as little single use plastic as possible (such as using bees-wax wraps instead of plastic bags, switching to glass storage containers etc…), recycling and reusing whatever possible, and taking public transport whenever possible. It does not sound like much but i believe that if everyone does their own tiny part, together, it can make a difference.

Are you doing your small part for climate change? Care to share some ideas?