Book Review: A Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd

I bought this book on a friend’s recommendation and she was so right to recommend this book to me. I really liked it.

I love how magic is portrayed in the story. It is not just a tool to make things happen, it comes from somewhere deep inside of you, it requires that you give of yourself in some way, not just this mysterious force that only some can have or control.

Felicity Juniper Pickle and her quirky family sparkle into my mind as I read about them and their lives. Felicity collects words. She wants so much to stay in Midnight Gulch, where her Mama’s family is from but Mama has a wandering heart. She has been told there was magic in Midnight Gulch. She finds out that somehow she and her family have a strong link to this magic. But can this magic help keep them in Midnight Gulch and allow Felicity to, at last, lay down roots and make friends?

I enjoy how the history of the town is so linked to its people and how family plays such an important role in all their lives. Natalie Lloyd‘s writing is so easy to read that you forget you are reading; it feels like someone is actually telling you the story. Her characters are wonderfully colourful and full of heart. Felicity’s word collection is so interesting and includes amazing words such as “spindiddly”, a tongue-satisfyingly made-up word.

I won’t give away the ending but I do want to say that this book highlights the need to cherish the words we say to each other.

This book deserves every award it has received and it has quite a few! I hope you will add this book to your TBR list.

Happy Reading!


Retreat at a Beautiful Location

In early June, we were at our church retreat in lovely Davos. We stayed at the great little family-run Hotel Seeb├╝el. Here are some pictures:

It was a fun, relaxing and educational retreat where we got to know our church members better and enjoyed being in the beautiful nature which God has created.


Legally an Adult…

Well, at least in Switzerland, my boy is now considered an adult at 18 years old!

Oh my, where did the time go? 18 years ago, we welcomed this little chubby baby into our lives and what an adventure it has been. From the uncertainty of first-time parenthood to his first steps, from his first day at kindergarten to two broken arms, through the frustrations and the joys of being a family (every family has its moments), from growing pains to pride, he is now on the brim of adulthood! Wow!

He decided that for his 18th birthday party to have just a couple of friends over for some food and games. So we bought his favourite sushi and added on some KFC to make sure that hungry teenagers are well fed. Of course, the must-have red velvet cupcakes was made and consumed. Very low key but that was what he wanted.

We did break with tradition and instead of me cooking a nice dinner at home, we went out to a lovely restaurant by the river and had some lovely fish.

Sigh! My baby is now an adult. This will take time to sink in. And while I mull over that, here are a few photos…