2nd Shot Done…

The husband and I have had our second Covid-19 vaccination jabs. So we now have 2 fully vaccinated persons in the house. After the first shot, the husband only suffer a little pain in his arm. I had more pain and felt more tired but it was ok. This second shot knocked me down with a high fever and lots of body aches and headaches, the day after having the jab. The husband who had his shot a few hours after me also suffered similar side effects. But we feel much better today so hopefully we are over the worst of it. In just a little over 2 weeks, the son would have his second shot and we would be a fully vaccinated household.

However, we still can’t afford to fly to Singapore to visit family because Singapore still requires quarantine in special facilities and multiple tests, even for vaccinated persons. To pay for all that for 3 persons is just too much for us.

It’s especially hard not just because of the length of time we have not seen family but more so because my dad has been in and out of hospital quite a number of times in the last few years and my mum has recently under gone cancer treatment. So we really feel the need to be with them!

There’s not much we can do about it. We just hope that soon quarantine requirements would be lifted and we can make it to visit family and friends.

Are you getting vaccinated? How was it for you?


17… Where Has The Time Gone?…

Time has just flown by. My little ‘Sayang’ (beloved in Malay) is now all of 17 years old!

Last year, he had a lockdown birthday, as did most of us. This year while we are not in a full lockdown, not everything is open, so he opted to have some friends over for makan (food in Malay) and gaming.

Here are some photos from party day:

We are missing our traditional birthday photo of us in front of a cupcake. Maybe it’s time for another tradition? We’ll have to give that one a think.

Looking ahead, i will be savouring the moments while he is still living at home, for the next 2 years at least.


Tweet, Tweet… I’m on Twitter…

Can you believe it? I signed up for Twitter!

I have been thinking about joining Twitter for quite a while now. The thought first popped into my head that it might be a good idea to get on Twitter was a couple of years ago when I attended my second SCBWI Europolitian Conference and lots of people there talked about being on Twitter and keeping up with industry news – the industry of children’s books.

But being on social media takes time and I have this blog, Facebook, Instagram (with 2 accounts, one for me and one for Lexi, our Schnauzer), and even Goodreads, plus a couple of email accounts, isn’t that enough? Oh, and also a very-little-used Pinterest account.

What tipped the scales is that I volunteered to help manage the SCBWI Switzerland‘s Twitter account so I thought I had better get an account and learn more about Twitter.

So to that end, seasoned Twitter users, any tips? What are Lists, Topics and Moments? Help?

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