Summer Writing Contest 2019…

i have not talked about my writing in a long while, mainly because i have not written anything new that i feel i can show. So i have joined a summer writing contest to get my butt in gear and get my writing up another level.

summerwritecontest20190527The contest is hosted by The Write Practice; it has a constraint and a word limit (which i am finding very difficult to keep within), all of which makes things very interesting.

But the part i like most about the contest is that they require that your piece of writing be workshopped before it can be submitted to judges. And they provide that online workshop space through their writing community platform. It is fellow-contestants who help to crit your work during the workshop period so they try to foster a spirit of cooperation and mutual support.

Sounds interesting? Care to join me? You can check it out here.


My Succulent Baby’s 15th Birthday…

A few days ago, Tobias celebrated his 15th birthday! It was a quiet but fun-filled celebration; a Saturday afternoon movie and then home for some games with his two best friends.

The years have just disappeared before our eyes. Have a look at where we were 15 years ago as a family of three and today we are a family of four (our little dog, Lexi is the latest addition):tobias15yearsold20190525

Becoming a parent, being a parent has not been the easiest thing i have done. And as corny as it sounds, parenting does have its beautiful, heart-warming moments. So i cherish those moments and am happy to say that i am privileged to be his mother and proud that he is my son.


PS: for those who don’t know, as a chubby baby, Tobias had many funny nicknames and one of them was “succulent” because he had such fat, juicy thighs. 😀

Lexi – Tail Injury…

i have not been blogging as much as i wanted to. We did not do much over Spring break and most of the last 2 weeks has been taken up with caring for Lexi.

Lexi, after her first surgery.

2 weeks ago, Lexi’s tail got caught in the door to the garden and we had to take her into emergency surgery. The vet has to take off 1.5cm of her tail to close the wound. Unfortunately, that was not the end of it. Her wound did not heal well; it got infected and the skin around the surgery site died. So Lexi had to have a second surgery to cut the infection off. The vet had to take another few centimeters. i estimate she has lost just under a third of her tail. Poor dear!

She’s on a higher dose of antibiotics, we have a cream with honey in it and another visit to the vet in 2 days. We hope this time it heals well.