PJs & more – they all come off!

So the taking off of his PJs continue, even though the weather has cooled slightly in the last 2x days.
This morning we found more than the PJs off – he even took off his diaper (pull-ups)!!! Smart kid – but the downside is … he peed on his bed! So mummy had to clean & wash.
We could not scold him cos he really didn’t know that he isn’t suppose to take off his diaper & pee on the bed – though after saying that, he does know that, :”Peepee goes in the toilet.”
Anyhow we have very very firmly told him that he is not to take off his diaper in bed again & that if he needs to pee & wants to do it in the potty, he should call us & WE will take off his diaper.
Hopefully, no more wet bed… at least till we start night-training.

A Fun & Busy Week / Weekend

So what has been happening at the Yoongz?
Well, we’ve been busy trying to tie down holiday plans with some friends – just going to the countries around switzerland – but still it takes so much work – have to look up car rentals – decide on whether or not to rent 1x big car or just 1x small car & we drive our little car. Then accomodation is a whole other ball game – sigh! Still some more work to go … hopefully all can be settled within this week.

The weather has also been hot hot – which for me is ok – but i think Tobi is feeling the heat a bit more – we have found him several times in his bed, asleep without his PJs on, only diapers. He goes to sleep with PJs on & when we check him before we go to bed, he is without them – sigh 🙂

This past weekend – we had great fun. It was Naomi’s 2nd Birthday Party (she has appeared in previous entries). There was a small party at the Bachmanns, small affair but it was nice & cozy. Our pastor & his wife even got to meet someone from their home country (NZ) & found out that they knew quite a few of the same people in NZ. Shows you how small the world can get – wasn’t there some theory about 6 degrees of separation? – something like everyone actually knows everyone else – just through 6x different people or something like that.

Here’s a photo of the cake blowing:

Tobias was hoping he could blow out the candles from where he was standing – he even puffed up his chest & blew – hehhehehee 😉

Then on Sunday after church, the Bachmanns invited us to go along with them & their family for a grill in the forest. This is something which Swiss people do lots of – or so i gather. They like to take a walk into the forest & have a small grill & enjoy the nature which surrounds them – something which we could never do in Singapore. One of the plus points of living here. Well, the spot they picked was by a small stream so the kids had lots of fun playing in the water.

Here’s a photo of Tobias & Daddy, Naomi & her grandfather by the stream:


Potty Training Progress & Cute Photos

So how has the potty training been going? Good!! i was really surprised. However, the 1st few days was really difficult – accidents everywhere – i nearly gave up. But on the 4th day, it all turned around & he started using the toilet regularly with only 1x or 2x accidents & then last Wednesday (5th July 2006), Tobias did it!! He had his 1st accident-free day – we were so very proud. & this was with a whole day outside as well, on top of that we had visitors from out of town to add to the excitement for the day. i was expecting to be able to write that we conclude our 1st accident-free week today but unfortunately, he pooed in his pants today – sigh! i was really upset but now am feeling better – an odd accident is to be expected so…

Now for some cute photos:
Here’s a photo of Tobias reading “newspaper” (he says they are newspaper but they are actually junk mail):

Here’s Daddy giving Tobias a ride around the horse:

Here’s Tobias & Daddy in our newly-setup hammock (Walter used his army-issued one):

It’s really so nice to have a hammock to sit in this nice warm weather.

Here’s Tobias with “chalk-face” (he was drawing with chalk on the terrace):

Here’s one of Tobias swimming in our neighbour’s little pool with their daughter Anastasia (Swiss-Russian):

Well, that’s it for now. Am so looking forward to more warm warm weather!