More Precious Angels… Angel Tree 2015…

i am so very glad that i have a whole community of advocates who also care a great deal for these children who need a voice to shout out on their behalf, but most of all they are in need of loving caring families who will love them just as they are. We, advocates, try to help each other out as much as possible.

Today i would like to introduce to you 3 more angels who are in need of your support and prayers.

Meet Marv!

Marv is described as a sweet and happy boy who enjoys playing soccer despite vision problems. He is great at maths and is sociable. He has developmental delays and is crossed-eyed. These are medical issues which are easily managed. He really wants a family of his own.

You can help by sharing his story so that his story would go further and eventually reach his forever family. Pray for him too. And help to grow his adoption grant here.

Meet Bryce!

Bryce loves to read and scribble and ride a bike. He enjoys swinging to music and gets along well with others. He has lots of great facial expressions and is loved by everyone. He has Down Syndrome but that is definitely not stopping him.

Please help Bryce find a loving family of his own, share his story, pray for him and grow his adoption grant here.

Meet Adelaide!

Adelaide is a sweet girl who is wheelchair-bound because of several medical conditions. She remains joyful, is communicative and enjoys helping others. She is homeschooled at the orphanage and likes maths and language.

She needs your help to share her story so that her forever family might find her. Do pray for her and help to grow her adoption grant here.

Adelaide‘s Angel Tree Warrior has written a lovely blogpost here.

Thank you so much for caring.

Zane-Zaynei would like to remind you about the fundraisers / awareness campaign i have for Zayne (my Angel Tree Child). Take part in the Blink Blink Birthday Giveaway here. Check out the second-hand books i have for sale here. And purchase from Angel Crafts Shop where 50% of the sales goes to Zayne‘s adoption grant.

You can click on each child’s name or picture to go to their profile page on Reece’s Rainbow. Thank you again.


Your Purchases Helped…

It’s time again for a look at how your purchases helped grow the adoption grants of some precious orphans.

In October, ADDIE was my Orphan of the Month. Unfortunately, no purchases were made in October so we were not able to contribute to Addie‘s grant. BUT… don’t worry… Addie will be Orphan of the Month in January, so please do make a purchase during this month and help grow Addie‘s adoption grant! Please also be praying for Addie‘s forever family to step forward for her – she has only 9 months before she ages out of the adoption system.

In November and December, i took part in Reece’s Rainbow’s Angel Tree Fundraiser. It is a big fundraiser for over 200 of the special needs orphans listed on their website. The goal was to raise US$1000 for each of those children. Everyone gets to pick one child to warrior / root / fundraise for.

Jasper has aged out! Please pray for him and his future.
Jasper has aged out! Please pray for him and his future.

My Angel Tree child was JASPER. My son and i have prayed for Jasper for over a year now, hoping and praying a family will come forward for him. These last 2 months was our last push for Jasper‘s family to come for him.

Your purchases in November came up to US$30. In December, they came up to US$48. And then there were the sales at the Christmas Market i took part in, which brought in US$147. So in 2 months, your purchases have contributed a total of US$112.50 to Jasper‘s adoption grant.

Unfortunately, Jasper has aged out of his country’s adoption system. Which means he would not be able to make use of this grant money.

However, it is not wasted – by no means! His grant of almost US$9500 was gifted to 2 boys who are also listed with Reece’s Rainbow. They are Erich and Benji. Both of these boys have just months before they age out too. Erich has 5 months and Benji has 7 months! So please do be praying for these boys, pray that their forever families would see them and step up for them asap! Click on their names to find out more.

Do also be praying for Jasper as he is only 14 and has to manage this wide world all on his own. He may be able to stay at the institute for a while more but i do not know what happens to him after that. i have been told that sometimes these special needs orphans get sent to another institute if they are thought to be unable to manage the outside world. Otherwise, he would be turned out into the streets with little education/skills to fend for himself. i will be praying that God watches over him always. Pray with me.

Thank you all so much for all your support in 2014!

i look forward to your continued support in 2015! Come and shop!


JASPER’s Last Few Days Before…

Keep praying for JASPER - he ages out on 1st Jan 2015.
Keep praying for JASPER – he ages out on 1st Jan 2015.

The precious boy we have been shouting out for this year has run out of time… he has JUST 4 DAYS till he becomes unadoptable!

BUT it is not a lost battle – JASPER has been prayed for by so many and i know the Lord has heard and the Lord has a plan for him and whatever that plan might be, we may never know about it, it will be good because the Lord will go with JASPER always!

i am sad and very disappointed. However, i must keep the faith that what we have done is not in vain. That the funds we raised for JASPER, even though it will not be used for JASPER, it will benefit another precious child.

The Lord hears our prayers so please continue to PRAY for JASPER. Pray for his future, pray for the Lord to guide his steps and provide loving people to come into his life and care for him. Pray that the Lord would provide a family for JASPER, even if it is not the conventional family we would imagine for him.

i know first hand that a family doesn’t have to be a mummy, a daddy and children. i have lived away from home and know that family is whoever loves you and will put your interests ahead of their own. Labels don’t matter that much. It is the love.

And this is the prayer i pray for JASPER, that he will know love, the love of people in his life, the love of the Lord and that he will learn to love others in return. Because love wins.