Fixed! And Discovery…

Hurray! My brilliant hubby fixed the computer! He came home on Saturday morning and looked into it that afternoon. He went out to get a SATA cable/drive the same afternoon and proceeded to download all my files, which was my major concern, and kept them safe. After which, he spent most of his free time over Sunday and Monday restoring the Operating System. Success by Monday evening! Then some testing and we were back online!! Thank God for a “geeky” husband 😉

So while the husband was busy trying to pump new life into old computer, i was on my little netbook (which is normally used only for writing), trying to get it to work like a big laptop, in order to carry on doing everything i want to on a computer. With that in mind, i searched the internet for a replacement to Photoshop (my version of Photoshop is sooooo very old) so i can continue sharing pictures here. (Yes i know i can just upload the raw pictures but i just like to tweet my photos and have a little control over them)

Now i offer to you my very short first ever tech review of software (and likely my last?):

Photoscape and Paint.NET

i like Photoscape for it’s easy to use interface and the quick way you can make changes such as applying sepia tones to a photo and put it into a special frame (i did not manage to create my own frame, i used one of the pre-sets). However, it does not support layers and is mainly a program to simply and quickly enhance your photos. And for this purpose, it is a great program! Below is an example of what you can do in a few short minutes:

Sepia tones, frame and text added in just a matter of minutes.

For me, Paint.NET comes closer to Photoshop. It supports layers and has similar tools and icons. The extend of manipulation is far greater than Photoscape and with the exceptions of a few functions, such as the variety of saved file format available, i’m very happy with it. The one thing i did not like was that text immediately becomes pixels and thus can not be changed after you click enter. It can be worked around if you do a little extra planning. Here is what i managed to do about 10mins into using the program:

Custom frame, text and slight image manipulation done using layers.

The best part is both programs are free to download!

Here’s a review of Photoscape and Paint.NET by Cnet. Have a read. Maybe give it a try. Let me know what you think 😉


Enjoying Spring…

We sprung forwards one hour yesterday, which means Spring Time has began! So add a little spring in your step and enjoy Spring and the wonderful sunshine it brings! 😀 Here’s some lovely flowers to help you along the way.

Don't know what the yellow flower is called but that tree is always the first to flower after Winter. The white one is a wild flower called Snowdrop, also the first to poke it's head out after the cold.


9 Ways to Reduce Stress…

No better way to de-stress than lounging by the lakeside in Brienz, Switzerland, enjoying both the view of the amazing mountains and of the shimmering lake.

So we had a rather full week, last week. Did you? Are you ready to start another week? i’m not too sure myself so i looked up ways to relief stress and came across this list which i thought i share. Before you read the whole article, i want to share my favourite 3 ways to reduce stress:

  1. Cup of Tea – i love tea. i do not drink coffee at all (even though i like the smell of it). And i love my tea strong, as strong as possible. i never take the tea bag out, ever. i have recently developed a habit of drinking tea before bedtime, at least every other evening and usually green tea which is light and refreshing. It sorts of puts my mind at rest. i really recommend this after a long day at work or at home (depending on where and what your work is).
  2. Laugh – Who doesn’t like to laugh? Laughter, after all, has been said to be the best medicine. So give it a try. i always have a few of my favourite comedies on DVD which i can pull out and watch to make the corners of my mouth curve upwards 😉
  3. Find a Room with a View – i truly Thank God we live in Switzerland, one of the most beautiful places on this earth. i always tell my friends, “You know the postcards you see of Switzerland. Well, they are real, no photoshop, no fake lighting etc. What you see on those postcards is real. That’s what you see when you get here.” Staring at the wonderful view of these incredible mountains certainly gives one perspective; enough of a mountain top view will enable you to look down at your problems and see a way out of the maze.

So have a read of the article below and let me know which are your favourite ways to relax.

9 Ways to Reduce Stress – Cholesterol Management – RealAge.