2012…A New Year…

A New Beginning

Old Blog - Wir Sind Auslandern

The blog previously known as  ‘Wir sind Ausländern!! – regarding the misadventures of a Singaporean family in Switzerland’ is relaunched as…


Here’s a little about the transitition.

Why trippingdifferently?

1st of all, living away from our home country has really brought differences & the meaning of being different to the forefront of our thoughts.

2nd, tripping as defined by dictionary.com:
1. light and quick, as a step or pace,
2. proceeding with a light, easy movement or rhythm.

There are days when it seems that life is like this – smooth & carefree.

Tripping comes from the noun ‘trip’ which is defined as:
1. a journey or voyage

Which is something we are all on – everyday trips, life’s journey.

but it is also defined as:
5. a stumble; misstep.

Far too often, the feeling of constantly falling over one’s feet overtakes us as we try to make sense of the things/situations/people we face daily.

As with all travels, there are ups & downs, there are laughs & tears… we hope to share some of these from our daily life in a different country, different culture; share about our loves & joys, sorrows & dislikes; share about being different & appreciating (or lamenting) those differences.

So come tripping along 😉

Here’s wishing all of you a very Blessed New Year & have a Fulfilling 2012. May it be a wonderful year filled with big and small surprises & good times with family & friends & good health.


Our first post …..

Wow … so here we are starting a new adventure in blogspace. We figured that since so many of our friends have blogs already the new year looked like a good time as any to start a journal of our own. (better late than never and all of that!) And with so many of our friends spread out across the globe this seems like a good way to keep them updated about what is happening with us as well.

SO … this journal will be an attempt to chronicle the happenings in and around the Yoongz. We don’t know how regularly we will update these pages or even how long we will be able to keep this going … but while it is going we will try to give you a glimpse into the misadventures of a Singaporean family trying to find their way in Switzerland.

Enjoy and thanks for staying with us!