Much Happened…

Yes, much has happened in the last couple of months. i would like to share everything but that’s too much. So i will just share three things!

First, i am so proud of my boy and his class!

A couple of girls in his class learnt about Star-Week (Sternewoche) at Unicef. And the people benefitting from Star-Week’s collection will be refugee children from Syria. Now that hit home because they have a new classmate this semester who is a refugee from Syria! So these girls suggested to the teacher that they do something for Sternewoche. The class took it on like champs. They worked hard coming up with suggestions and then making all the items for sale, and dropping flyers in letter boxes.

On Saturday, 29th November, 2014, starting at 8.30am, the kids set up a small stall outside the butcher’s in our village. They took shifts and sold their wares – framed geometric patterns made from cock pieces and painted, paper-stars, cookies (which the mums helped to bake), stickers and more.

And guess how much they collected… check out the picture below!

muchhappened20141218aYep! CHF1600!! i am so proud of them all and of their teacher for agreeing to let them do this and putting in all that extra effort to help them with the crafts and getting the police permissions etc… and there was even a small write-up in the local papers! Here’s a little write-up on the Unicef website in English about how these Syrian children will be helped.


Now the second event i wanna share is about Angel Crafts Shop – my online shop where i fundraise for special needs orphans.

Angel Crafts Shop went to its very first public appearance – at Living-in-Luzern’s 1st Christmas Market!

It was hard work – i crafted and crafted for weeks to have enough stock. Thank God my dear friend who supports my cause was able to send the crafts he made, just in time!

It was a good event – people came, browsed and some bought. i was able to tell a few about the orphan situation and the great need which exists.

i had fun meeting some ladies i haven’t seen in a while – ladies whom i used to see often at different fairs when i was an Usborne Rep.

Check out the stand!


Last but not least – possibly the biggest news to date – we bought an apartment! Yep, our very own home!

We signed the papers and got the keys a week ago! Look at those lovely keys!

muchhappened20141218cIt’s a 3-bedroom place with an open concept kitchen-dining-living area, on the ground floor of a 1930s building but newly renovated inside. It has a little garden behind and a covered garage next to it. Here are a couple of pictures from the estate agent’s website:

muchhappened20141218d muchhappened20141218e

Now we have to look at getting some new furniture (just a few items) and packed our stuff and move! Yikes! 😉

Well, that’s it for now!

Have a wonderful weekend!


12 Years…

Yep, it has been 12 years to the day since my beloved husband and i said, “I do.”

How has it been? Well, it has been up and down, it had its highs and lows, as well as laughs and tears. So pretty much a normal marriage 😉

Any wise words after that number of years? i’m not sure i have wise words but i can share some of what i have learnt.

1) Marry someone who makes you laugh. This is most helpful during the stressful times, the times he/she makes you so mad you wanna … (you fill in the blank here), also great during the times when you are sad, or simply crying over a sad movie (yep, that’s me). Plus being able to laugh at hard times is so essential to surviving those times.

2) Fight fair. Never used past sore points (you were supposed to have forgiven and forgotten that last time), never pick on their weaknesses or belittle the other person. Stay on topic. One thing is not related to another – at least not when a couple is fighting. Be clear what you want – do you just want to be heard? Or do you want to see specific actions taken?

3) Communicate clearly. Make sure you close that feedback loop when talking to each other so you are both on the same page. Feedback loop? Well, for me that just means repeating back to the person what you are hearing from him/her. You will be surprised how you can be hearing one thing and the other person really means something different.

4) Close both eyes. Especially in matters of who leaves what chaos behind them and who does or does not clean up after themselves. Don’t even bring up the matter of the toilet seat. Some things are just not worth fighting about. You married the person so accept the person wholly; the good, the ugly and the wonderful.

5) If you have children, always present a united front. Never undermined your partner’s authority if he/she has already addressed an issue with your child, even if you do not agree with what he/she has done. You can talk with your partner later, out of earshot of the kids. This will give your kids security, knowing that mummy and daddy are one unit and they don’t have to worry about things collapsing. See here for a bit more details.

6) Everybody needs alone time. Respect that. You do not have to do everything together all of the time. (This was a hard one for me to learn.) Teach your children to have alone time / down-time, there is no need to go go go all the time. You can never give of yourself to another person if you are not wholly satisfied or complete in yourself. You have heard, “A happy mummy is a good mummy.”? Well, same goes for the daddy and even the kids.

7) Love and Marriage are hard things to do. But so worth it. Yes, marriage needs work and love causes pain. But they will also brings joy and happiness. See the following article for where i draw my strength and inspiration from… You Never Marry the Right Person | RELEVANT Magazine.

There are many other little things i have experienced and learnt from in the last 12 years, many of which apply to our specific circumstances but i think the above 7 points pretty much covers most of them.

What about you? Do you have anything else to add about marriage, love and staying married?

i leave you with this picture… taken a year before our wedding… (why not from our wedding day? Cos we don’t have one of just us alone and facing the camera… hahha…)

Oh my, how young we looked... i am not sure what happened to that pig... i really did like it very much...
Oh my, how young we looked… i am not sure what happened to that pig… i really did like it very much…


Looking Ahead…

… actually i looked back… just a little… to see where this blog has come in the last couple of years. i also had a quick look at the summary of 2013 which WordPress does for me each year (with very nice graphics i might add).

And do you know which posts got the most views? Our All from Asia series, which advocates for families adopting special needs orphans from Asia.

And on March 20th 2013, we got 157 views with the most popular post of that day being ‘Many Hands… We Need…‘ – which is an appeal to help bring 2 very special orphans home.

It is so interesting that many things i had planned for this blog didn’t get published or even written. Instead God took it and made it something which shows His wonderful plans at work.

The highlight for me in 2013 was this post, ‘He and She are Home‘, in which the very first two special needs orphans i prayed and advocated for, arrived safely home with their forever families. Every time i think of them, i smile.

So what would 2014 hold for this blog? i pray that it will be a platform for much more orphan advocacy as well as how it affects our lives to be part of this wonderful work. And to reflect that i have updated our Tripping Along page.

Of course, you will still hear about our daily happenings, our travel, reading and writing adventures.

i would like to start 2014 with this wonderful quote from the book “Wonder” (which i will review in the next post).


PS: How do you like our new look?