Much Happened…

Yes, much has happened in the last couple of months. i would like to share everything but that’s too much. So i will just share three things!

First, i am so proud of my boy and his class!

A couple of girls in his class learnt about Star-Week (Sternewoche) at Unicef. And the people benefitting from Star-Week’s collection will be refugee children from Syria. Now that hit home because they have a new classmate this semester who is a refugee from Syria! So these girls suggested to the teacher that they do something for Sternewoche. The class took it on like champs. They worked hard coming up with suggestions and then making all the items for sale, and dropping flyers in letter boxes.

On Saturday, 29th November, 2014, starting at 8.30am, the kids set up a small stall outside the butcher’s in our village. They took shifts and sold their wares – framed geometric patterns made from cock pieces and painted, paper-stars, cookies (which the mums helped to bake), stickers and more.

And guess how much they collected… check out the picture below!

muchhappened20141218aYep! CHF1600!! i am so proud of them all and of their teacher for agreeing to let them do this and putting in all that extra effort to help them with the crafts and getting the police permissions etc… and there was even a small write-up in the local papers! Here’s a little write-up on the Unicef website in English about how these Syrian children will be helped.


Now the second event i wanna share is about Angel Crafts Shop – my online shop where i fundraise for special needs orphans.

Angel Crafts Shop went to its very first public appearance – at Living-in-Luzern’s 1st Christmas Market!

It was hard work – i crafted and crafted for weeks to have enough stock. Thank God my dear friend who supports my cause was able to send the crafts he made, just in time!

It was a good event – people came, browsed and some bought. i was able to tell a few about the orphan situation and the great need which exists.

i had fun meeting some ladies i haven’t seen in a while – ladies whom i used to see often at different fairs when i was an Usborne Rep.

Check out the stand!


Last but not least – possibly the biggest news to date – we bought an apartment! Yep, our very own home!

We signed the papers and got the keys a week ago! Look at those lovely keys!

muchhappened20141218cIt’s a 3-bedroom place with an open concept kitchen-dining-living area, on the ground floor of a 1930s building but newly renovated inside. It has a little garden behind and a covered garage next to it. Here are a couple of pictures from the estate agent’s website:

muchhappened20141218d muchhappened20141218e

Now we have to look at getting some new furniture (just a few items) and packed our stuff and move! Yikes! ;)

Well, that’s it for now!

Have a wonderful weekend!


#happyhandmade ninety-two… Angel Crafts Shop…

Pink, Rosa, Roze, Rose, Powder-red – they all represent a colour which most (note i said most, not all) little girls love! i wasn’t one of those pink-loving gals but i must admit that Pink is a sweet colour and does have it’s place on the colour wheel! i, even own, a few pink items myself, even though it’s not my favourite colour.

So that’s the colour i have chosen for this week’s #happyhandmade – have a look!

Here are my picks for #happyhandmade ninety-two (please note that pictures are copyrighted by the creators of the items and i’m using them just to direct you to their shop – click on the pictures to see more):

flamingoscarf pinkearrings pinkframe PrincessFrogFavorTags tutupainting unicorn_chasedreams

So is pink a colour you would wear? i would not, unless it is part of the pattern on the fabric or if it’s just one part of my outfit.


Winner of Christmas Market Draw… Angel Crafts Shop…

This was taken just before the customers started coming in :D
This was taken just before the customers started coming in :D

Yesterday was a fun day out for Angel Crafts Shop at the Living In Luzern‘s Christmas Market :D

People came by, browse, gave wonderful compliments (thank you), they bought and learnt about why i support special needs orphans.

It was good.

Now for the announcement:

The winner of the lucky draw conducted during this fair is:

Isabelle Hartmann

Thank you so much for your purchase and for taking part in my lucky draw. You will be contacted via email with details on how to collect your prize – a custom-made item of your choice, worth up to CHF20/. .

Thank you to everyone who came by the stand and said hello and everyone who made a purchase and took a flyer. Thank you all for your support.

See you at our next event – which i hope would be in just a few months.