Book Review: One Day by David Nicholls…

i have been thinking how i should write this review. i have some strong feelings while i read this book and i think i might have to reveal a spoiler in order to show you why i had those strong feelings – so here is the official warning: Spoiler Alert!!!

bookreview_oneday20150521i love the concept this book is based on. We get a look at one specific day of the year in the lives of Emma and Dexter, over a span of almost 20 years. And this is how we follow their friendship, the ups and downs of their lives and their relationship with each other. It fascinated me. And that is why i picked up the book.

So the story has us following Emma and Dexter on the day they met, the day they officially graduated from university and are ready, or more like totally unprepared, to face the ‘real’ world. From the very beginning, we sense that they are meant to be. But their own hang-ups are preventing them from getting together.

Each year, we see them on that exact date and we get a glimpse at what they are doing and have been doing, and more importantly how their relationship has progressed or not at all in some years. They both come from very different worlds and it is interesting to see how they view each other’s lives and careers or lack thereof. i was sad to see their falling out and how it affect each of them.

There is a lot of internal monologue as the Nicholls shows us their true thoughts about their situation and their intentions. And about three-quarters through the book, the writer in me kicked in and shouted, “Too much telling, not enough showing!” (see here for explanation about what that means).

Anyhow, my brain said that because these 2 characters have been dancing around each other for years and they still are NOT together! Come on!


And then they did get together! Hurray!

All was good and right in the world now. Of course, they had the usual couples disagreements and tensions. But they worked through them.


Then she dies! In a most unfortunate accident! On her way to meet him to view what was possibly their new home!


How could Nicholls do that? After taking me on such an emotional ride, i thought finally there will be a happy end for these two… sigh!

Of course, i know in real life there are seldom happily ever after. But this is fiction and i am along for the ride, plus real life is difficult as it is, sometimes one hopes for a little escape with the characters of a story such as this one.

After all that, i still do like the story and the premise of the book. The writing is good and i like the way he tells the events of a whole year in a day. It makes for a good summer read.

Have you read this book? Or maybe you have read other books by Nicholls? If yes, would you recommend his other books?


#CraftJunkies Link-Up Week 43… Angel Crafts Shop…

It’s another week at #CraftJunkies Link-Up. i so love handmade goodness!

This week it’s about books and movies! Crafts which are based on well-known books or movies; they make such lovely gifts for fans of these books / movies!

Here are my 5 picks for #CraftJunkies Link-Up Week 43 (please note that these pictures are the copyright of the creators of these crafts, i am simply using them to point you to their wonderful works, click on the pictures to go to the relevant pages):

The Hitchhiker’s Guide is absolutely hilarious! i love the craziness of the story & this towel fits perfectly!
i firmly believe that every child needs to know Dr Seuss, don’t you?
Aww… this is such a heartwarming book – Guess How Much I Love You – and every parent would say these same words to their little one.
Monsters Inc. was such great fun to watch and had such a sweet ending! This monster is certainly good company.
My favourite character from Frozen, Olaf! i love how enthusiastic he was about summer, even though he has never known summer or how fatal it can be for him… hehheee…

So do you have a favourite book character or movie character you would love to see as a hand-crafted item? Mine would be a Cat-in-the-Hat sling bag which can hold everything! ;)

Till the next handmade goodness list!


More About Jason…

Do you see that little photo of Jason on the right side of this blog?

i wrote about him more than a year ago, my boy and i pray for him daily and he is still waiting for a forever family. i must confess that i have not been a very good advocate of late. i post mainly on my FB page (Just Needing A Family’s Love). But even there i have been posting only once a week. i really ought to do more.

But there have been a few things happening. First, i was discouraged when Jasper aged out without a family. I was very sad for Jasper and i still pray for him. i pray that the Lord takes care of him and provides him with a ‘family’ even if it is not a traditional one. Second, a few months ago, Jason’s file went missing for a few weeks. Then it was found. Third, Jason disappeared off the shared list (a list of orphans available for adoption from his country) a few weeks ago.

Jason is in an orphan hosting program. Please pray it will be a good experience.
Jason is in an orphan hosting program. Please pray it will be a good experience.

However, that turns out to be a good thing. i have been very recently informed that Jason is now part of an Orphan Hosting Program run by Great Wall. Which means he will get a chance to go to America this summer and experience life in a family in America!

Jason is a fun-loving, outgoing boy who maybe shy around strangers but loves to perform. His only special need is that he has albinism. Such a manageable need! Being in a caring family, having a family to call his own, would make such a difference to his life; it would help him find his true worth. Because where he is now, he is not valued as he should be. Where he is now, he is just a boy without parents and a medical condition which makes him stick out like a sore thumb.

Please please be praying along with me that a wonderful loving family will pick him to host and that he will have an awesome experience. And of course, that this might even lead somehow to his forever family seeing him and coming for him.

Thank you.