#happyhandmade one hundred two… Angel Crafts Shop…

i thought i would go with shapes as a theme for the next few #happyhandmade selections.

So today is round and round we go. Any crafts featuring the round shape is what will catch my eye this week and there are some interesting ones out there.

Here are my six picks from #happyhandmade one hundred two (please note that pictures are copyrighted by the creators of the items and i’m using them just to direct you to their shop – click on the pictures to see more):

beadbracelet bulletbracelet doctor_who_pin_magnet_set dryerballs gnomepegdoll swishflicknecklace

Do you like the shape called round? If yes, what did you find superb in the above six? If no, what shape do you like?


March Miracles… Reece´s Rainbow…

March is a special time for everyone who supports Reece´s Rainbow´s work; their work is to help bring awareness to the situation of special needs orphans, to show the world that these precious children need a loving family, help these families on their journey by providing a fundraising venue and bear witness to how that love can make such a difference to the life of a child and bring such joy to the family who opens their hearts and home and choose to love on a child who may not have known love otherwise.

Reece´s Rainbow is made up of mainly volunteers and a very small office, where they try to save as much as they can so every penny goes to the children. BUT administration costs are inevitable. 

So the 21 Days of Hope fundraiser from March 1st through to 21st March is to help raise funds for the Voice of Hope (VOH) fund which keeps Reece´s Rainbow running.

This year this fundraising effort will also help increase the grants of 21 waiting children.  See the list of children here. For every US$1000 raised for VOH, US$2100 will be added of one of the 21 children´s adoption grant!

Now here´s the challenge!

If US$1000 is raised for VOH *each day*, then the grant for the child of that day will be doubled!

So please help… CLICK HERE to give!

Thank you!


NEW Hairbow Holders… Angel Crafts Shop…

Oooh… i am excited to share with you some new hairbow holders.

O.K. they are not exactly brand-new as in not crafted this week. They were crafted for my first Christmas market back in December. And now they are available online!

Hairbow Holders or Hairclip Organisers are really useful things. You clip all of your very lovely and adorable hairclips, hairbows, hairpins to the length of ribbon and hang the whole thing up on a wall, by your mirror or on your door. And there you have it – all your hair pretties at a glance and you can easily pick out the one which best matches your outfit for the day! Oh, there are also ones which you can personalise with a little photo :)

They are really quite fab and makes your room more colourful too. Here are a few of my favourites (click on the picture to go directly to see more of that particular hairbow holder):

20150224a_HH_dragonflyFrameheart_blueblue 20150224a_HH_rectFrameheart_redblue 20150224b_HH_dogFrameheart_purplepink 20150224c_HH_beeFrameheart_creamyellowchecks 20150224c_HH_birdheart_bluered

One of my friends said she may be using her Hairbow Holder for photos and notes as well. i think that is an absolute superb idea! Don’t you?

What else do you think you would use one of these Hairbow Holders for? Comment below!