NEW Christmas Items & Specials… Angel Crafts Shop…

As promised, tomorrow i’m off to the Living-In-Luzern (LiL) Christmas Market. So this evening, i’m revealing the 6 NEW Christmas Items i have on Angel Crafts Shop.

Here they are (click on the pictures to go to the item’s page to see more and order):

First up, a traditional 5-rounded-petal Kanzashi Flower Hairclip in traditional Christmassy pattern and gold sparkles.


A little less showy but nevertheless very pretty Holly themed Suffolk Puff with an eye-catching red center.


Then we have a lovely 2 flower Kanzashi Hairband.


Now for a whole new category – WALL ART!

Yep, i experimented and used cloth-ends and cut-aways to create lovely pieces of collages with Christmas themes.

20151126a_WA_orangeblue_star 20151126c_WA_pinkpurple_tree 20151126b_WA_redgreen_snowflake

So what do you think of the new items? Like them? Well, get them before they get snatched up at the LiL Christmas Market tomorrow.

Speaking of which, here are the specials from Angel Crafts Shop, especially for the LiL Christmas Market!!

Make a purchase from Angel Crafts Shop at the LiL Christmas Market and get a 20% Voucher to use for your next purchase!
There’s a special CHF 3/. ONLY bowl. Come down and check it out!
The cloth-covered Christmas Ornaments are on discount!
And of course, the LUCKY DRAW! Simply visit Angel Crafts Shop at the LiL Christmas Market, fill in the form to stand a chance to win!

i’m off to get my beauty sleep… see you at the Grand Hotel National in Luzern for the LiL Christmas Market tomorrow and Sunday!


Book Review: Sherlock – A Study In Pink by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss…

Okay, i have to confess, this isn’t exactly a book, in the traditional sense. It is a graphic novel of an episode of a TV series. Yes, quite a different creature all together.

But it’s something which caught my eye and i read it and i like it so i’m on here telling you about it ;)

bookreview_sherlockStudyPink20151124i was already a fan of the Sherlock Holmes stories and have already watched a few movies which were based on that series of books by Sir Arthur C. Doyle. Then the BBC TV series came out and i fell in love with Sherlock Holmes all over again. So needless to say when i spotted this graphic novel (which is based on the BBC series) on our summer holidays, i snatched it up immediately.

And i wasn’t disappointed. It is what a graphic novel should be; great drawings and dialogue. Because of the medium, it delivers the story in a faster and punchy pace. There are some drawings of Sherlock which i found hilarious, but it really does convey the mood of the character. And it doesn’t skim on the storyline either. i enjoyed reading it from beginning to end.

Of course, being a graphic novel it’s a fast read but i would go back again and take my time over the illustrations. This is a Japan published one and has both Japanese and English dialogue. It also has a nice special column at the end which gives extra information about the TV series as well as explaining some more quirky English expressions. However this section is all in Japanese only.

i had not realised, when i bought this graphic novel, that Sherlock Holmes already exists in this format from other publishers. So i may go explore those in the future.

Have you read a graphic novel? Do you like this format of storytelling? What would you recommend for a next read in this format?


Orphan of the Month & Christmas Delivery Reminders… Angel Crafts Shop…

i don’t usually do a reminder but i thought since i am going to do the Christmas Delivery Dates reminder and it is a special 2 months of fundraising for Angel Tree, i would do a blog post and put these 2 things together.

Zane-ZayneSo my Orphan of the Month is Zayne. He is also my Angel Tree Child, a special annual fundraiser at Reece’s Rainbow where i pick a child to raise US$1000 for his adoption grant over the months of November and December.

You can read more about him here and on his profile page.

So 50% of all Angel Crafts Shop sales for November and December are going to Zayne. So come shop! Special Christmas Items will be up next week!

And of course, if you want to guarantee your order arrives in time for Christmas, please take note of the dates below. Thank you.


And if you are in the market for used books (English & German) for both adults and kids, or some DVDs for kids, check out my other fundraiser for Zayne here or on Facebook.

Have a lovely weekend!