#CraftsJunkies Link-up Week 47… Angel Crafts Shop…

We are still in the midst of summer rains, which i so wish would stop. i need the warm weather to return, please. Sigh!

Anyhow, my choice of crafts for this week’s #CraftJunkies Link-up is Bag Crafts! Lovely handmade bags of all kinds… i love small bags, big bags, purpose-made bags… i like keeping things organised, so bags are definitely a thing for me.

Here’s my 5 picks for #CraftsJunkies Link-Up Week 47¬†(please note that these pictures are the copyright of the creators of these crafts, i am simply using them to point you to their wonderful works, click on the pictures to go to the relevant pages):

i simply love the turtle print on this bag!
Such a handy sized bag, not just for make-up, for all those little things which might get lost in your big bag ;)
i just started exploring essential oils and this is such a wonderful find!
The embroidery is what makes this owl bag!
The rainbow colours just screams “i have fun stuff inside of me!” ;)

i usually have a specific bag for a specific purpose, such as my daily little orange sling-bag which goes with me to the supermarket and other small errands, my study bag which i take to the classes i attend, my bigger outing bag for when we are away from home for a whole day… etc…

Do you have a bag which you love and use all the time? If so, would you share a picture of it in the comments below? Thanks.


i Love My Daddy… Happy Father’s Day…

i usually like to write something which comes from my heart on occasions like Father’s Day. However, today i am going to use borrowed words and images because it strikes such a cord with me.

So to my beloved Daddy & my beloved Husband…


Happy FATHER’s DAY to all fathers, grandfathers and even godfathers!


PS: in celebration of Father’s Day, i have a special Free Shipping code for Angel Crafts Shop – daddy2015 – use it at checkout for Free Shipping! Valid only for 1 week from today! Remember your purchases helps to grow the adoption grant of my Orphan of the Month. Thank you!

NEW Glad Rags and Knick-Knacks… Angel Crafts Shop…

Yes, the summer weather does energies me and here i am with more new items on Angel Crafts Shop! This time it’s from the Glad Rags and Knick Knacks collection which my dear friend, Alan, makes, in support of the precious orphans. (See our Orphan of the Month here.)

Click on the pictures of the items to go that item’s page:

20150602a_GR_PtKz_HC_Bronze 20150602a_GR_PtKz_HC_frostedPink 20150602b_GR_PtKz_HC_Cream 20150602b_GR_PtKz_HC_frostedRed 20150602c_GR_PtKz_HC_frostedBronze 20150602c_GR_PtKz_HC_Silver 20150602d_GR_PtKz_HC_frostedGold 20150609a_GR_RdKz_Brooch_Bronze 20150609b_GR_RdKz_Brooch_Gold 20150609d_GR_RdKz_Brooch_Purple

Aren’t these just so glittering-ly pretty? i love them! And remember because they are made from recycled cloth, there is unlikely to be another like it! So head to Angel Crafts Shop and make a purchase in support of special needs orphans.