Writing On Holiday???

We are off on our annual holiday, which means food, family, friends, food, fun, sun, food and did i mention food?

Yep, that’s what going home for a visit is mostly about for us; it’s the people we miss and the food we crave. And of course i was all ready to leave my normal routine here behind, and just simply be and go with the flow, and not stress and just let things happen as they will.

BUT… then i read this on The Write Practice

Notebook & Pen
Notebook & Pen (Photo credit: trilanes)

And it has me thinking… should i? Should i not? Really? Do i want to add that to my non-existent list of to-dos?

This was the line which pushed me over the fence:

Don’t save the overwhelming emotions of experience for later. Write about it there and then and capture the explosion. You can modify it in the future, but you’ll never be able to seize that initial excitement.

So i will bring my notebook and pen with me.

Will i schedule exact times to write? Probably not. But i will at least make an effort to write a couple of times a week while we are away.

So here’s to capturing the explosion of excitement in the moment it happens!