Spring Snow!!!…


This was what it was like on Wednesday! And we are talking well into the middle of April already! The temperatures had dropped and went below freezing overnight on Tuesday and thick fluffy snowflakes fell hard and fast the next day. Not liking it at all 😦 i had to bring in my baby plants to protect them from the frost. Hopefully, that’s the last of winter.


Spring is finally here!!

YES! Spring is finally here! The sun came out today for the whole day & temps reached at least 18 – WOW!! Yippy!!! It was great – i was walking around outside with just a spaghetti top with a light sweater over! So great to be able to take Tobi to the playground without putting 4 layers of clothes on him – just 2 light ones was good for today.
Here’s a photo of Tobi enjoying the sunshine:

Tobias pushing his walker around in the playground next to our apartment.

i’m a bit sad that the weather forecast is saying that temps will drop with some rain on Tuesday – but it looks to pick up again towards the weekend so that’s good. As long as temps stay above 10, i’m happy.