Public Service Notice…

Beware of trolls
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A day ago a porn website liked one of my post & started following my blog. 😦

i have contacted WordPress to ask if they could remove the link.

This is WordPress’ reply:


Your website is publicly available on the internet so there is not a way to block certain users from viewing it.

There is an option to set your site visibility as private. This will ensure that only you and members that you choose can view your site:

We also do have an abuse form that you can use to report the user:

— Lorenzo

The abuse link is no use as they can only action upon blogs hosted at WordPress.

Now i don’t want to set my website to private because i advocate for special needs orphans and need as many people as possible to view the blog so that these orphans can be helped.

My only solution is to warn my readers of this undesirable website which has chosen to like and follow my blog. So please do not click upon the link to sharemychickmail – unless you are so inclined.

Please know that i have no association with this porn site and do not wish to be either.

Thank you.