Book Review: The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared… Jonas Jonasson…

i have been meaning to write this book review for a long time. A dear friend recommended i read this and it is a wonderful book!

100yearoldman_20150329i love the easy-to-read writing. i love the highly-improbable-yet-still-believable storyline. i love the amazingly quirky yet lovable main character, Allan Karlsson, who lived the most luck-filled and eventful life.  His companions on his journeys are equally strange and wonderful to get to know.

Every decision which Allan made, took him on an adventure, every adventure led him to incredible meetings with historical figures and enabled him to influence the route history took.

And all Allan ever wanted was a peaceful life. Instead he became involved in the making of the atomic bomb, he saved Churchill from an untimely death, he owed his life of luxury in Bali to Mao and much more.

This book is the relaxing read with a bit of history thrown in and a side of good humour to make it all go down as smooth as Allan´s favourite drink – vodka.

i will leave you to discover the rest of the book for yourselves… don´t want to ruin your fun 😉 i look forward to reading Jonasson´s other books 😀