#StorenvyFlash30 Sale is ON! … Angel Crafts Shop…

The Cyber Monday Sale of the year is now on! It’s #StorenvyFlash30!

storenvyflash30There is just 9 hours to go till the end of this wonderful sale – 30% off from over 50 stores!

Check out the list here!

If you need help with deciding what to get, check out my All i Want for Christmas Pinterest Board as well as my 12 Favourites Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Remember to use the code ‘storenvyflash30’ during checkout! Here’s the direct link to Angel Crafts Shop where you can start shopping 🙂


12 Favourites, Part 3… #StorenvyFlash30… Angel Crafts Shop…

This is my last post for the 12 Favourites series because…. tomorrow!! Yep, Monday 1st December 2014 – is when the #StorenvyFlash30 sale would happen – 12am EST [Swiss time 6am] (which is in a matter of hours as of now) till 11.59pm EST [Swiss time 6am Tuesday]!

You can see Part 1 and Part 2.

So remember to use the code storenvyflash30 during check out after you have done shopping at the stores from this list!

Without further ado, here are my last 12 favourites:

Wonderful way to remember exactly when your precious one’s photo was taken!
These hairpins are not only cute – they are eco-friendly too! Win-Win!
The humour in this zipper pouch is fabulous! Funny and practical – great gift!
These buttons are so cute and make great stocking-stuffers!
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Slouchy Beanies always brings to my mind – young and fashionable… this beanie is both, plus a touch of feminine!
Oh, who could resist this cutie! Soft, cuddly and adorable! What more can you ask for in a gift? 😉
Legos are not just a boy thing and not just for building with – as these pretty earrings prove, they can be beautiful too!
Isn’t this little guy just the sweetest ever? It would make a super gift for that sweet person in your life.
Perfect gift for the fashionable gal who loves the ocean and being at sea! The colours are lovely too.
Shells have always been charming and when made into a necklace like this – they are dazzling!
This is the most delightful set of knit-wear i have come across for kids! If only my boy were that small again… 😉
Gorgeous! Need i say more?


Now you can go shopping! Click here for the list of participating stores.

If you are interested to see the whole list of picks for the whole month, go to my All i Want for Christmas pinterest board.

Thank you so much.


12 Favourites, Part 2… #StorenvyFlash30… Angel Crafts Shop…

More pinning has been happening over on my All i Want for Christmas pinterest board. So now it’s time to share with you my 12 favourites from these next 20 items.

Before i do that, just a quick recap of why i’m pinning all these wonderful items. It’s because these stores are all part of #StorenvyFlash30, where on the 1st of December 2014, Cyber Monday, you get to use a special code (storenvyflash30) to get 30% off your purchases from all 50 over stores listed here. AngelCraftsShop is part of the list.

Now onto my 12 Favourites, Part 2 (please click on the pictures to be taken directly to the item’s store page) :

Everything is AWESOME! Isn’t it just? 😉 i love the Lego Movie and this cross-stitch is THE gift for a fan of that movie!
i like tea and i like the story of Alice in Wonderland so of course i would pick this to give out at a party. And it’s already so nicely packaged!
i’m sure i have mentioned it before – i’m a HP fan! And this one word line “Always” really sticks out for me. This is a very tasteful pretty necklace and can be given to anyone who likes charming jewelry.
Words to live by, for sure. And what better way to tell someone how kind they have been than to give them a bag which says so and will enable them to share this message further.
i’m an organiser and i love toys. Combine that with the fact that these are handmade… it is the perfect gift for that cutie who is a new addition to your family.
Rag dolls – they are so cool and easy to carry around. They should be a must-have for every child. So why not give lovely Kenzie a home and your little one a constant companion?
Photography is a passion of mine and i like details. So for me, while this may not be the traditional type of season greetings card, it is a beautiful one – one which carries an important message – to stop and enjoy the small things…
i know this is the second item on this list which ties to Alice in Wonderland but what can i say – it’s a great book with good lines and this one i like very much… does anyone know the answer though? i would like to know if you do 😉 Maybe the person you give this to will know?
These earrings are just gorgeous! i like that they are not exactly alike. The lady in your life would be more than happy to receive these as a gift.
Cute! Cute! Cute! Need i say more? Keep your little one’s head nice and warm while allowing them to look even more adorable than they already are.
i like books and i encourage every parent to give a book to a child the moment they can grab. So this colourful and tactile book i would give to a curious little one to encourage a love of books.
Bunnies are such well-loved creatures and for good reason – they are so very cute and this one is colourful and cuddly – just the thing for a sweet little one who loves animals and hugs.


So did anything catch your eye? Yes?

Well, bookmark it and make your purchase on #StorenvyFlash30, Cyber Monday, 1st Dec to get your 30 % discount!

The next set of favourites will be listed just before the sale starts – so remember to check back in 10 days!

You can see 12 Favourites, Part 1 here.