Talking About Scenes…

A storyboard for an eight-minute animated cartoon.
A storyboard for an eight-minute animated cartoon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, every story is made up of scenes…

And that’s the progress i have made in my WIP (Work-In-Progress) – i have a scene list.

See this post for details: How a Scene List Can Change Your Novel-Writing Life.

i don’t have it quite the same as what is described there but i have date/time in novel-world, POV (Point-Of-View) and i have a short description of the scene. i must say the process took time but worth it. i now know where the story is going and i have managed to bridge a couple of gaps which were causing me much hair-pulling moments.

BUT… it has also shown up some potential problems, especially with my characters, so i’m now going back to the drawing board with my characters and getting to know them better by doing an interview with them. Something like this here.

By the way, has anyone reading this used the Snowflake method? i read about it in that scene list post but would like to hear personal testimony.

More progress to come this week? i hope so.