#happyhandmade one hundred four… Angel Crafts Shop…

Can you take a guess at what shape i have chosen for this week’s #happyhandmade?

It has 2 long sides, 2 short sides, 4 straight lines and 4 corners. It’s the great friend of last week’s shape – it is the rectangle šŸ˜‰ It is a shape we can see everywhere, every day.

Here are my six picks for #happyhandmade 104 (please note that pictures are copyrighted by the creators of the items and iā€™m using them just to direct you to their shop ā€“ click on the pictures to see more):

custompillows darcy_gatsby_sherlock letter-kit-1 Messy_Hair quilt toy_storage

Do you have a favourite rectangle thing? i had for the longest time loved my plastic rectangle pencil-case when i was little – i still remember it fondly šŸ˜‰