Go Fishy…

i was inspired a few Fridays ago & we had fish – 2 Fridays in a row…
Now is that such an exception? Is that really so special? Fish 2 Fridays in a row?…
Well, not if we were in Singapore or somewhere which has a coast & an abundance of seafood… but we are not in such a place… we live in a land-locked country where seafood is not only limited but expensive as well. So yes, fish 2 Fridays in a row is something to write about ­čśë

Fishy #1
Salmon & Capers Pizza
Yep, i made… or i should say WE made pizza – Tobias helped ­čÖé
Everything from the dough to the rolling out to the baking & laying on of ingredients.
No i did not get the order wrong – this was made with smoked salmon so the fish needed no more cooking so the pizza dough was blind-baked & then the ingredients laid on. There is also no tomato sauce on this pizza – it was layered with a blend of cream cheese & fresh cream.
However,… yes there is a “however”,… the recipe called for the pizza to be blind-baked on a clay pizza plate – which i didn’t have – but i did have baking beads, which are normally used as weights for blind-baking pie-crust… so i used those instead. Did not quite work as planned… the pizza turned out to be more of a pita-bread texture that a thin-flat pizza. Also i didn’t know exactly which bread flour was required so i simply picked one of the many┬áavailable┬áhere.
BUT… the family LOVED it ­čśë

Here’s the process:
Waiting for the dough to raise – i enjoyed kneading the dough lots – very┬átherapeutic┬áas many have told me.

The baking beads.

Little Chef rolling out the dough.

Cooling the baked pizza.

Left, Right, Bottom: Original Salmon & Capers variety,┬áVariation – with tomato,┬áVariation – with tomato, without capers.

Fishy #2
i love, really love, LOVE Japanese food & miss it greatly.
i finally found the right sauce for the cold Soba dish which i have always wanted to make & so i made Cold Japanese Soba Noodles with Cold Japanese Tofu & Pan-fried Red Snapper with Terriyaki Sauce, & Tempura Veggies.
Once again, the family LOVED it ­čśÇ

Here’s a picture of the table all set with the food (not very clear as this was taken on my handphone & in a hurry – we were hungry – hehhehee):

Now i dream happily of the next dish i will attempt…