It’s 3 Girls… Again…

That’s right, we welcomed 3 cuties into our home last Monday… our 3 new Gerbils (desert mice for those who are not familiar)! i have already shown a photo on my Facebook but i thought i do a formal introduction here ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tobias had been considering whether or not we should have rodents or maybe some other type of pet. i had gone to ask the nearby pet shop if they would be having any new gerbils or mice for sale, she said yes and they would be available for sale early October. Then we were off to Milan. By the time we got back from our short holiday, Tobias had decided on gerbils. So we popped over to have a look, unsure if they would still be available, but they were. There were 2 sets – one set of 3 boys and another of 3 girls. Since we already had girls before, and i think because we saw them come out a bit and they had lovely and different colourings, we chose the girls.

Here they are!

This was when we first got them from the pet shop.
Meet Belle! Walter named her and she is, what they call, natural colour as they would be in the wild. She’s the more active one.
Meet Jules! Short for Jewel. i named her because her white band reminds me of a necklace. She’s the more reserved one.
Meet Claudia! Tobias named her. He thought she looked the colour of rain clouds and wanted to name her rain cloud but i thought cloud sounded better and he finally settled for Claudia. She’s got red eyes!

Aren’t they just adorable? We love having them and are having fun getting to know each of their little personalities. Jules is the more timid one while Belle enjoys exploring and is quite ready to take a leap (literally). Claudia isn’t afraid to try new things … with her teeth… yes she has nibbled each of us quite a number of times already.

We are all looking forward to them getting used to us and maybe soon, they will be happy to walk up to our hands and hop on willingly without bribes or tricks.

i leave you with a sweet photo of them "resting" on a gerbil-sized "sofa".
i leave you with a sweet photo of them “resting” on a gerbil-sized “sofa”.


Gerbils R Us…

That’s right… we got ourselves Gerbils!! & we are happy, excited, pleased, excited, elated, delighted… did i mention happy & excited? ๐Ÿ˜€

We have been very lucky to have been given not only 2 lovely Gerbils, but everything needed to provide them with a good home & wonderful care… we got the whole works (cage – both big & travel ones, ย food, bedding, lots of home-made housing – which i love!!) from a generous friend who is now having a great time settling into uni life in England ๐Ÿ˜‰

So meet Nox (the black one) & Puddle (the brown one):

Here is one very excited, over-the-moon little boy standing next to their cage:

We love watching them scurry around, hiding their food under the bedding, chewing up cardboard & paper to “decorate” their little home, sitting on their hind-legs eating their little bits of food, climbing up & down ๐Ÿ˜‰