Blooming Again…

The last time my orchid plant bloomed was in January this year. i had not expected it to bloom again till next year. So what a nice surprise it was to see buds coming in and then the gorgeous flowers opening!

Here’s a little slideshow showing the growth and opening of these lovely flowers. Enjoy!

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Orchid Blooms…

That’s right! A few weeks ago i shared that my orchid plant finally got buds and now one of them has bloomed! Enjoy!



Indoor Growth…

In keeping with the new year theme, i would like to show off some new growth. Despite the cold wintery weather outside, there is green growth happening inside. My orchid plant, which was a gift from my first batch of playgroup kids, is finally flowering again, after a couple of years of nothing.

So fingers crossed, hopefully, the flowers do bloom! Here are a couple of photos of the buds: