For My Mother…

i recently attended a webinar on poetry so i thought i try my hand at writing a poem for my mum on mother’s day.

Daisy, her name that is
Always there for us is she
In ups and downs, her constant love, on it we depend
Steadfast, always ready to catch us she is
You ask who is this she

My dearest mother she is
You see the very best is she

Makes wonderfully yummy food she does
Organised, at home and at work, always is she
Thankful for the many things i learned from her i am
Humble; always putting others before self is she
Ever ready to keep trying; tenacious she is
Repay her for years of dedicated care, forever try i will

mothersday20200510Thank you, Mummy, for everything!
Words are not enough.

Your beloved daughter

To My Mother…

She is my mummy!
She cooks my favourite foods, my comfort foods and my nourishing foods.
She makes sure my room is clean, my clothes are washed and i am properly dressed.
She laughs with me, cries with me and makes it all better.
She shows me how good life is, how hard life is and that she will always be there for me.

She does all the above without a second thought for herself.
She gives till she has no more and yet she gives some more.

She makes her children her world BUT
To us, her children, she is our world!

My Mummy is my everything!
She is the BEST!

i love her with everything i’ve got and i know it is not enough.
i hope and wish i can and will always say and show her how much she means to me.

She is my mummy!

This year, my little guy gave me some really sweet gifts which he made in school.

He grew some cress and made clay hedgehogs to decorate the plate. He also crocheted a line, decorated with beads, to be used a hanging picture line.
He grew some cress and made clay hedgehogs to decorate the plate. He also crocheted a line, decorated with beads, to be used as a hanging picture line.

i hope i can follow my mother’s example and be a good mummy to my little guy (who’s really not so very little anymore).


Honour Your Mother Day…

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful women who work tirelessly to provide a safe, loving, supportive environment for their children. This day highlights the 24/7, 365 days a year, no pay, no holiday work which many women gladly do so that they can see smiles on their kids’ faces. This day is about thanking The Woman who kissed all those cuts and bruises, who sat up nights when you were sick, who cried with pride when you graduated from school (even from primary/grade school), who will continue to be there for you for as many years as you will let her and even more.

To my MUMMY – words can not express what gratitude i feel towards you, for everything you have done for me, for being the mother i have always needed, for being MY mummy! Thank you from the depths of my heart.

My wonderful boy and the lovely gifts he made for me on Mother’s Day 2012.

This year my little boy had a lovely little parcel for me. Everything in it he made himself, at school. i’m so very happy and proud! Can you see what effort he put in?

He decorated the paper-bag with lots of green grass and flowers. Inside are lots of little paper hearts with drawings and little handwritten notes, such as “I Love Mummy.”, “For Mummy” (in German and English). There was some chocolate hearts. But my favourite thing are those test-tube bottles you see at the front of the picture. They are filled with different flavoured salts – one for salads, one for meats, one with Italian herbs. The kids actually got to pound the herbs and mix the salts themselves. Then they were packed into the test-tubes. My personal handmade spices by my son 😀

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mummies of the world.