Who Am I?…

A rainbow always reminds me of how much God loves us.

i wondered about this question a fairly bit – at least when i was a child growing up, even more as a teenager trying to define herself. i have not asked this question of myself for quite a while now but the other day, it popped into my mind again. It caused me to look at myself today and myself maybe 20 years earlier (showing my age, huh?)

So who am i? i am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a sister, a godmother, a sister-in-christ, a writer, a blogger (yes there is a difference between the two), a photographer (not professionally, but passionately), and most importantly, i am a child of God.

Does any one role define me? Can any one role tell you about the whole me? No, i believe i am all of that and, prayerfully, i hope i am also much more than my roles.

i love being a wife and a mother – a home manager in essence. i enjoy being a friend and a sister-in-christ. i wish i could be a better daughter and godmother. i hope that my passion in life would be revealed through my writing and blogging. i want to be a professional photographer (maybe some time in the future i will be).

But the one role that possibly tells you more about me than any of the others is – i am a child of God. i believe, 100 and 1 percent, that i am God’s creation and i am here to fulfill His purposes.

Is that too simplistic a way to think? Maybe. But life is complicate enough as it is, i don’t need to make it even harder.

However, being God’s child does not mean that all my other roles take a backseat. In fact, it gives them more direction. When i am with my son, i am a mother to him and i pray i will be able to mirror God to him. Love him as God loves me. When i am with my husband, i am a wife and again God speaks very clearly about this in the Bible (see here). When i am with my parents/parents-in-law, i aim to be as loving and filial a daughter/daughter-in-law as i can be because God says to honour my parents.

You see there is no question as to what i should be doing in each situation because if you look at the Bible, truly look at God’s word, it is all there.

Now TODAY, right now, i want to bring my role as a prayer warrior and advocate of special needs orphans to the forefront. Most of you would know that i have been a prayer warrior with Reece’s Rainbow for more than 2 months now. You have read about my little Heath and my lovely Heather. And i thank you for your kind attention.

10 year old Heather, is a healthy sweetie who needs a family asap.

i still pray for them both but TODAY i want to highlight Heather. She is an adorable little girl who has Down Syndrome. But because of that one little extra chromosome, she is an orphan. She will be turning 11 in a few months and have had no one care about that for all those long years. We have very little information about her and that does not bear well, because we have no real knowledge of her actual condition and the circumstances she lives in. What we do know is that she is a child who needs a loving family to care for her, to choose her to be part of their family so that she can excel in life. Could you be her family? Would you join me in prayer for her?

i feel that Heather seems to be overlooked and the reason being there is so little known about her. But as i have said before, this does not make her need less, it makes her need more. The way i see it, she is more neglected in a way than little Heath who has had a little bit more exposure (this is only because a family managed to spot him – no interaction was allowed – when they went to pick up their adopted son from the same institute).

So please don’t let her be pushed to the side any longer. Share her story, donate to her adoption grant  (click here) – a large increase in her grant would get her more notice and make it easier for a family to reach her, pray that her family comes for her. Thank you.


Joy, or “Just Wait?”

i would like to start this post with an apology.

If you have been my friend and you have been a new mum or a new dad and i have been less than encouraging, i am sorry. i am sorry for all the over-the-top comments i have made about the ‘shoulds’ and ‘should-nots’ of parenthood. i am most definitely no expert, just a mum who is also learning her way around this challenging yet fulfilling place called ‘parenthood’.

What i should have been doing is cheering you on with comments such as, “You are doing great.”, “Don’t worry. Things will turn fine when she/he grows up.”, “You have done such a wonderful job of raising her/him.”, “You are a fantastic mum/dad.”, “Just you wait till she/he smiles that first smile.”.

The link below leads to a post written with great perspective – a perspective every parent should be inspired to have.

Have a read. Joy, or “Just Wait?” | Diving for Pearls.

It still takes my breath away to think that he grew from this helpless day old babe to this very active, funny almost 8-year old boy!

In just 15 days, my little guy turns 8! Time has flown! Many of the “Just Waits” have come and gone, sadly, but  i have so many more “Just Waits” to come. And i look forward to them, gladly.

As i read this article, i can’t help but think about all the orphans listed on Reece’s Rainbow who are still waiting, just waiting; just waiting for their forever families to come and get them, just waiting for a mummy or a daddy to pick them up and swing them around, just waiting for siblings who would play with them, just waiting to be in a loving home. And it is a hope we can bring to fruit – we just need to keep praying, keep advocating, keep sharing. Consider adopting one of these precious ones if you can.

Please go to Reece’s Rainbow to find out more. And remember my little Heath and my lovely Heather– they are just waiting; just waiting for joy.

10-year-old Heather, is a healthy sweetie who needs a family asap.
11-year-old Heath, is a cutie who needs his family asap.


Prayer is the Power for Victory…

i have been praying for my little Heath and my lovely Heather for a little over 2 months and already my human person is weakening and growing weary and losing hope. i am still praying daily for them, for their daily needs, and most importantly, for their forever families to find them ASAP – like TODAY! However, this past week, my prayers have been tinted with a sort of resignation, you could even call it doubt or unbelief. i no longer pray: “Lord help their families find them today.”, with as much conviction anymore. But i know these kids deserve so much more, so much more than just prayers from afar. They deserve a mummy to hold them when they cry, a daddy to show them the wonders of the world, a family to be proud of who they are.

BUT… God is Good! All the time! And He is always there and knows our heart, knows my heart and He sends great encouragement!

i’m in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) where we spend a whole year studying one book from the Bible. This year we are doing Acts (known also as Acts of the Apostles). In order to understand Acts better, we also cover the letters the apostles wrote.

The previous week’s study was on Ephesians, specifically Eph 6:10-24, which speaks about the armour of God. Our teaching leader gave a lecture on it and her last main point (called principles in BSF) was ‘Prayer is the Power for Victory’. Paul had ended his letter to the Ephesians with a request that they pray “on all occasions with all kinds of prayers” and also for him. Even the great Paul needed to be prayed for. And those prayers were not in vain, although most of the Ephesians would not have seen with their own eyes the results of their prayers. But they prayed on.

11 years old Heath, is a cutie who needs his family asap.

And so i should pray on too. Keep on praying for my precious ones – Heath and Heather, and all the other lovely children on Reece’s Rainbow.

10 year old Heather, is a healthy sweetie who needs a family asap.

Wait! God did not just stop there!

More encouragement as i did this week’s study on the book of James, chapters 1 and 2. And near the end of chapter 1 is a verse which prayer warriors of Reece’s Rainbow hold dear to their hearts:

James 1:27
Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

And one of the questions asks us to list specific groups that might be considered as “widows and orphans”. Of course, i listed Reece’s Rainbow’s kids. The follow-up question was, “Do you have a responsibility to any of these? If so, which ones and what might you do to ease their distress?”

God encouraged me yet again. i can pray for them, i can share their stories, i can advocate for them, i can donate, i can fundraise. i can even hope and pray for a mission trip to open up where i can actually go visit them and bring them more comfort in the forms of love and hugs and interaction.

It gets better still. God, then, affirmed that this is my faith in action as i went on to read James 2, where in verses 14-26, it speaks about faith in action, that our actions are the evidence of our faith in God. i pray and hope and have faith that God is moving mountains, melting hearts, enabling hands and feet to bring these orphans a family who will truly love them, value them and give them the life they deserve.

So i will continue to advocate, to pray, to fundraise, to share, to talk about these wonderful children till the cows come home, and still go on some more 🙂

Please do visit my little Heath’s and my lovely Heather’s profiles by click on their names or their pictures. Look, truly look at their amazing faces and see their need, see how much they need you. They can not speak for themselves from where they are currently. Will you speak for them? Pray for them? Will you consider adopting them? Will you donate to their adoption grant? (The larger the grant the higher the chances of them getting notice as this will reduce one of the many hurdles which adoptive parents face)

If you do any of the above, please leave a comment below so that i can send you a personal thank you.

Just one more thing before i go.

7 year old Beau, is a healthy and very independent little guy who needs a loving family.

This little boy, Beau, is the same age as my own Tobias. He has also touched my heart. i will also be advocating and praying for him from now on. He is a wonderful little boy who is intelligent and sociable and loving. He deserves so much more than life in an orphanage, which is where he has been since he was born. Click on his name or his photo to view his profile. Click here to view a video of him, which will sweep you off with what a delightful little guy he is. Once again, i ask you to please consider doing all you can to help him – adopt, advocate, donate, pray…