Koffermarkt Basel!… Angel Crafts Shop…

In just 5 days! Angel Crafts Shop will be at the very first Koffermarkt in Basel! Koffer, meaning Suitcase in German. Markt meaning Market.


This is so exciting because it will be full of vendors who also craft their wares, so there will lots of unique stuff to browse through, buy, and wonderful people to chat with.

You can shop till your heart’s content; there will be accessories like what i make for Angel Crafts Shop, there will be cute baby items, amazing fashion, stunning jewelry, lovely home decorations, pretty tableware, adorable bags and much much more!

Plus there will be a little coffee shop serving yummy treats! (Yes, i’m truly Singaporean in that sense; food always draws my attention 😉 )

And all this is organised by the very enchanting Veronica Kiefer who runs Adorn for Hope, a brilliant little online shop which supports Onesimo, an organisation dedicated to help the street children of the Philippines! Definitely an organisation i can identify with 😀

So come on down to the first-ever Koffeemarkt Basel on 15th March 2015, Sunday, to the Quartierzentrum Bachletten (full address here). We’ll be there from  12 noon to 5pm.

Join Koffermarkt In Basel’s FB Community and Event Page to keep updated on the latest news.

And as always, when Angel Crafts Shop goes to a fair, there will be items which are not found on my online shop and there will be specials to be had and of course, lucky draws to take part in 🙂

See ya all there!



That’s right – MOVING!

If you have read our Christmas Letter, you would know that we bought a little apartment in our village. Move Day is 24th January!

So how’s the packing/moving progress? Slow :p

Can you guess which furniture shop we were at the most?
Can you guess which furniture shop we were at the most?

We have some stuff from the cellar shifted over and have spent the last couple of weeks shopping for a few new furniture items. It was fun shopping but not so fun paying for it … hehehee… but it will be worth it.

See our nice new beautiful white bookshelves?

So happy to see that first piece of furniture in the living room!
So happy to see that first piece of furniture in the new living room!

i also wanted to take this chance to say that because of the craziness which moving homes usually entails, i will not be online as much and decision such as adding a new orphan to my Just Needing A Family’s Love advocacy and new items to Angel Crafts Shop will take a backseat. i will still be online and keeping up with advocating for JASON as much as possible and will still process orders for Angel Crafts Shop but just in reduced capacity.

Please also note that Angel Crafts Shop will not be taking custom orders from 15th January till 25th January. Normal orders of ready-to-ship items will still be processed, but may be delayed by a day or two.

Thank you for your understanding. See you on the other side of the move!


Winner of Christmas Market Draw… Angel Crafts Shop…

This was taken just before the customers started coming in :D
This was taken just before the customers started coming in 😀

Yesterday was a fun day out for Angel Crafts Shop at the Living In Luzern‘s Christmas Market 😀

People came by, browse, gave wonderful compliments (thank you), they bought and learnt about why i support special needs orphans.

It was good.

Now for the announcement:

The winner of the lucky draw conducted during this fair is:

Isabelle Hartmann

Thank you so much for your purchase and for taking part in my lucky draw. You will be contacted via email with details on how to collect your prize – a custom-made item of your choice, worth up to CHF20/. .

Thank you to everyone who came by the stand and said hello and everyone who made a purchase and took a flyer. Thank you all for your support.

See you at our next event – which i hope would be in just a few months.