State of the Garden…

This summer has been soooo hot and dry that there has been an open fire and fireworks ban. So there were no fireworks for the 1st August celebrations of the Swiss National Day. Some people were happy about that, some not.

But what concerned me was what all that hot sunshine did to my garden. Of course, my dear friend did a great job caring for my garden while i was away but then she stopped once the husband came back and the husband forgot to water the plants (usually it’s not a problem to leave them for a week or so without watering). And this is what happened!

stateofgarden20180824aNow it’s not all about dying plants. The pear tree has done exceptionally well!!

stateofgarden20180824bi think i have managed to rescue the pumpkins but we will have to wait and see if the campanula will come back. In the meantime, i’m undecided when i should harvest the pears. They are not quite ready but the winds are knocking lots of them off the tree. We’ll see.


Pictures from My Garden…

Here are some pictures from my garden a week ago… enjoy! syc

Ready for Spring?…

So 2 weeks ago, i gave the little Blue Cedar (right), the Hydrangeas (top left) and the English Lavender (bottom left) their Spring haircut. What do you think?

Here’s a look at what else had already bloomed in my garden…

Spring sort of hit us, it was not a gradual thing this year. A friend commented that it was like someone flipped a switch and we went from winter to spring instantly. And my poor boys (big and little) are both suffering from serious allergies.

Wishing you a beautiful Spring!