Summer Holidays… Not quite… 2017

Yes, we are back from summer hols and today was the first day of school.

The first day my boy steps into a new chapter of his school life! My teenager! More about that in another post… maybe.

Usually, i fill this post with all the sights we have seen and the things we have done and the food we have eaten while on holiday. But not this year.

This year was spent dealing with the long-term medical needs of both my in-laws who were in the hospital from May to July. We spent 2 plus weeks as their full-time, 24/7 carers, the rest of the time training the 2 hired helpers/carers. It was what we needed to do and we did it with as much love and patience as we could. Only God and the support of our family and friends around the world helped us through it all.


We spent tons of time learning medical stuff and dealing with medical stuff and buying medical stuff etc…

Only God and the support of our family and friends around the world helped us through it all. i thank you all for all your kind words of encouragement, your support, your prayers and just your friendships.


Thank you to family who put up with us being unavailable and for your never-wavering support in all ways; big and small. Thank you to my parents for being understanding and caring for my boy so i could care for my in-laws. Thank you to friends who helped lots, including being drivers and bringing yummy home-cooked food to us. Thank you to friends who just dropped by to visit, just because we could not go out to you.

i apologise to family and friends whom we have missed out on seeing and spending time with. We will make it up to you next year.

Thankful that we were able to attend a dear friend’s wedding (congrats again, my dear!) and we did get to eat some lovely and much-missed foods, even though we were home-bound most of the time.


i also wanted to thank my dear friend who has helped to hold the fort down in Switzerland.


Because of a friend’s care, i am able to return to a flourishing garden. Thank you ❤

You all have been just wonderful! Thank you. We love you all.


While it has been a trying, tiring and stressful time, it is also our duty to care for our parents and parents-in-laws. And because we live so far away from them most of the year, this was the time we could show our care and love to them. This has also brought our little family closer together; closer as husband and wife, closer as a family, closer to God too. i am also grateful that God has arranged such patient and caring people to be the long-term help for my in-laws. Thank you, God.


Friends and Friendship…

Friends (Photo credit: Wikipedia) was one of my favourite sitcoms!

This evening i met up with a dear friend. We have been friends since our teens and have studied together at 2 schools, seen each other through those difficult, funny, frustrating, silly, adventurous years.

We see each other once a year and try to keep up over a couple of emails, maybe Facebook messages. Every time we meet up we talk about what’s been happening for us and what has changed since the good ‘o days. 😉

It is so wonderful to have a friend with whom i can do this with.

We lamented over how life had changed and people are so busy with work that it is hard to meet up and spend some meaningful time with each other.

We also vent our frustrations about our current situations (if any). We give each other advice (if it is needed). Knowing fully that it is safe to do so.

But most importantly, we listen to each other and simply enjoy each other’s company. And share good food.

People often ask me if i miss my home country. i may not miss the country as a land itself. i do miss family.

And i dearly miss friends such as this wonderful lady i had dinner with tonight. i miss having a friend who totally gets what you are talking about without every detail explained. A friend whom you know and can trust not to judge you and your every word or action. A friend who likes you for being you, accepting you, faults and all. A friend with whom you can pick up the relationship where you left off and not fault each other for not sending an email every week/month.

Over the last 4 days, that is what i have been doing, meeting up with old friends who are dear to me. And it has been great!

So to my dear old friends, thank you for being who you are and for being my friend. i hope that we will be able to continue spending more time with each other, building our friendship up, caring for each other.

i Thank God for giving us friends.


PS: And i miss the food in my home country lots!