Find Out More… English Playgroup…

Way back at the beginning of March (okay, just 2 months ago), i wrote about the super opportunity i had to start an English Playgroup right here in our little village.

But things did not go as plan, we did not have enough children to start in Spring. So here´s another effort to get the word out that the English Playgroup in Langendorf, Solothurn, Switzerland is definitely starting 20th August! 🙂

In 9 days, i will be hosting an Information Evening about the English Playgroup so interested parents can find out more. Here are the details:

flyer_infoevening20150502 flyer_infoeveningD20150502And as before, if you don´t have small children or are not interested, would you please help me to spread the word? Thanks so much.


It’s Playgroup Time!…

Yep, i have been given a wonderful opportunity to lead an English Playgroup in our little village of Langendorf, Solothurn, Switzerland!

It will be with Spielgruppe Lummerland, a long established playgroup with 2 lovely ladies who have been the playgroups leaders in our village for many years now.

We are hoping to get the English Playgroup going after the Spring break.

Here are the details:

flyer02_20141216-page001 flyer02_20141216-page002If you are interested, email me! If you don’t have children of this age or are not in the region, help spread the word about our English Playgroup!

Thanks so much!