#happyhandmade ninety-one…

It’s black – this week’s colour for #happyhandmade is black… why? Well, i just felt like black. It’s such a versatile colour – it’s elegant, mysterious; it’s about the hidden and the formal. And it matches with everything 🙂

Here’s my picks for #happyhandmade ninety-one (please note that pictures are copyrighted by the creators of the items and i’m using them just to direct you to their shop – click on the pictures to see more):

chalkboardmerrychristmas garnetring polkadottotebag reuseablepancover vinylnamesign winniepoohchalkboardsign

i have quite a lot of black in my wardrobe – it’s a colour i don’t have to think about or worry will clash with whatever else i’m wearing. What is the main colour in your wardrobe?