12th Birthday Celebrations…

That’s right, my little boy; now not so little anymore, turned 12 a week ago!

Usually, i blog about his birthday pretty much on the day itself or a few days after, but this time, the husband was away so i had to wait till he got back before we could do our traditional birthday shot. (See end of blog)

So this year, his birthday fell on a Friday which was when i had to bake his favourite cupcakes (Red Velvet with cream cheese icing) for him to take to school and share with his classmates.

He got to open one of his presents before he left for school and the rest after lunch. His friends loved the cupcakes! This has become a sort of tradition since he decided that Red Velvet was his favourite and only cake to have.

He had already decided that he was just going to have a small celebration with 3 friends. One of them could not make our Saturday outing so i took just him and his 2 best friends to the Schwarzsee on Saturday.

Isn't this scenery just to die for? LOVE IT! It was such a gorgeous day!
Isn’t this scenery just to die for? LOVE IT! It was such a gorgeous day!

We arrived in time for a nice lunch by the beautiful lakeside. Then it was off to ride the Monster Trotti (Monster Scooter) down Riggisalp. After a bit of a shaky start, the boys were off. But not for me, i had no confidence on the scooter and the gravelly path didn’t help. After a couple of falls, i decided to walk the steep parts and ride the less “scary” parts. So of course, the boys were already at the bottom quite a while before i managed to get there. Well, as long as they had fun.

Then we went off to ride the Rondelbahn (Toboggan Run). There was no space to have our bags with us, so i sent them off to ride it by themselves while i watch the bags. They made 2 runs and then i went with one of the boys for another 2 runs. This was so much more my thing. Heheee 😉

Before each of their fun thrilling rides!
Before each of their fun thrilling rides!

One of the boys had wanted to ride the Monster Scooter again but it was too expensive to go again. So they settled for ice cream and drinks by the lake.

i love this shot of them, trying to skip stones on the lake.
i love this shot of them, trying to skip stones on the lake.

We came home just a little earlier than planned, opened the presents, had some cupcakes and the boys played a little on the computer before they went home.

It was a good day of celebrations 😀


This is our traditional birthday photo!
Here is our traditional birthday photo!



Happy 2nd Birthday Angel Crafts Shop…

OMG! Angel Crafts Shop is 2!!!


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