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i have been praying and praying for a country i have never been to… for a country i took little notice of until now… i have posted almost daily on my Facebook about Ukraine and any news article i come across, asking people to pray with me.
i have been praying for Ukraine… why? Because Heath – my beloved Heath who is now with his forever family, he who introduced me into the world of special needs orphans, is from there. Because i now know friends who are living there, supporting their new Ukrainian friends on the ground. Because God moved my heart to.
Please pray along with me as this country works towards peace and a democratic, and just government.
Thank you.

Wide Awake Family

How to begin?  My heart is full to bursting with emotion, yet I feel almost embarrassed to write.  We are Ukrainian babies.  We’ve only lived here for a little over 3 months.  We only just started falling in love with Ukraine and her people in 2010.  What do we know of Ukraine?

There are missionaries who have lived here for decades.  They’ve given years and years of their lives to the Ukrainian people.  They’ve loved Ukraine for almost as long as I’ve been alive.  What do we know of Ukraine compared to them?  Not much.

Then there are the Ukrainian people themselves.  So many lived through the fall of the Soviet Union, were present when Ukraine found it’s independence, had their hopes built by the Orange Revolution, then hopes dashed when things did not improve- but only got worse.

photo 2

They know what it is to expect corruption.  They know what…

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Research – Do You Like Doing It?…

research_20140123i LOVE reading!

i will read almost anything, in English (German takes me too long and Mandarin is too hard now that i’ve left it behind decades ago), with the exception of very theoretical stuff like Chaos Theory.

When i did History, Geography and Literature in school, subjects where research is important, i was in heaven! i also enjoyed reading all of the research i had to do for my thesis when i was at university.

So now that i’m writing a novel, it seems strange that i’m a little reluctant to do some research. It’s not the having to do all the reading that is making me hesitant, it’s the time it takes and how easily distracted i get following one link to the next to the next and beyond BUT…

… research is important!

i have just finished listing my scenes and “interviewing” all of my major characters and think i’m ready to start writing proper. However, there were a few points which came up in the “interviews” which should really be researched on. They are not major plot points but they relate directly to the characters involved and could very well influence things like dialogue.

Then i read Do the Write Thing and now i have decided i should do the research!

Because who knows, it just might be my novel which unexpectedly blows Dan Brown out of the literary waters and (i’m) suddenly swamped with speaking or blogging requests*, i don’t wanna be caught out on a few poorly researched points…

So anyone knows how to put a few more hours into the very short 24 we have been given a day so i can get all these research done? 😉

Do you research details of the story you are writing? Do you like doing research? How do you do your research? Internet? Go old-school – at the library?


*orange text is quoted from Do the Write Thing. i am grateful for the inspiration and encouragement from The Write Practice blog.

There IS Still Good In This World…

… i want to believe that… i have to believe that… i need to believe that…

because yesterday i saw this video and this morning i read this news article (yes, it’s from May 2013 but still relevant).

Please read at least the article before reading the rest of my post… be warned the video is so very heartbreaking, no one i know personally has watched it till the end. i could only watch 30 seconds of it!

My heart is once again broken and my tears have not stopped and my spirit is so sad i’m not sure i know how to face Christmas this year, now that i know about this.

i mean, i have heard about the abuse these precious children suffer but to see it… i have no words…

My first instinct upon seeing that video is that the woman in the video and others like her are downright evil and should be given a taste of their own medicine. Then another advocate told me that woman is actually also an abused orphan herself. And then i read the article. It is just such a sad sad sad situation; a vivacious cycle which hurts everyone involved and can only be stopped by others; people from the outside, by responsible government and law, by love!

This is just one orphanage. There are many more like that BUT… of course there are also good orphanages with very caring helpers /carers but in countries where the label of orphan means you are worthless, these good places are too few.

i cry to the Lord about these children and tell Him how i feel about the abuser woman. The Lord tells me to pray for that woman; for her heart to be changed, for love to grow in her, for her to turn 180 and become a champion for these orphans. Is it possible? Not by human powers, ONLY GOD can do this. So i pray, with a heavy heart, i pray for these precious ones and that woman.

This morning, the Lord also told me that Spring will come.

How is that related to these orphans?

Well, we have been under a thick constant fog for 2.5 weeks now and it’s depressing. But in the midst of it, the Lord has shown me beauty.

The buds hang on even in the bitter cold, even when ice covers them. Even the ice itself has a certain beauty.
The buds hang on in the bitter cold, even when ice covers them. Even the ice itself has a certain beauty.

And the Lord says, the ice and snow will melt and the plants will bring flowers and fruit again.

So the Lord is telling me to hold on, stay the course, stay strong. He will hold on to these precious ones and there will be hope cos there is still good in this world.

And i believe it. i have to, i need to… otherwise… the alternative simply can not be…

So believe with me… and pray for these precious children, share their story, they need the world to know about them and care for them and do something to help them.

The little something i do for these orphans is to shout out for them, especially for the ones with special needs who are even more at risk of abuse. i know i can not help every single one but if even a few come to know love, my small part is done. It takes lots of small parts to form a whole. Would you be a small part too?

This Christmas my efforts include helping Jasper (Asia) to get as much exposure as possible and to increase his adoption grant by US$1000 by year’s end (we are US$644.40 from our goal at the moment). Here and here are my 2 current events for Jasper. Please do take part and share them with your friends and family. Thank you.