Holiday Fun with Old Friends

3 of my primary school classmates decided to holiday in Switzerland. It has been so long since I went on holiday without my family. I think the last time was when Tobias was little and I went for a few days to Bintan (If my memory does not fail me) with my best friend from Poly while my mother looked after Tobias.

Here are a few pictures, just some highlights of what we saw and did:

As you can guess from the above pictures, we went to lots of places, saw a good number of things and walked many steps. It was so much fun; talking, laughing, sharing, and being together 24/7 for 17 days. We loved it all! Who would have thought that friends who only reconnected a few years ago after not being in touch for many years could have such a blast, traveling together across 3 countries!

Looking forward to seeing you gals again real soon!


Retreat at a Beautiful Location

In early June, we were at our church retreat in lovely Davos. We stayed at the great little family-run Hotel Seeb├╝el. Here are some pictures:

It was a fun, relaxing and educational retreat where we got to know our church members better and enjoyed being in the beautiful nature which God has created.


Lexi’s 3rd Birthday

Yep, she’s 3 now! i think in doggy years that 21 years old! So according to all the doggy books, she should be well settled and grown into a mature, calm adult dog. That’s what they say… BUT… she’s still her stubborn, funny, dirt/rubbish/poo-eating standard black Schnauzer self… LOL…

We love her anyways!

She was treated to a doggy birthday cake which was so big i gave it to her for 3 meals! Lexi had cake for breakfast, cake for dinner and then cake for a second breakfast. She loved it, especially the whipped cream bit!

For presents, she was given a big bag of new doggy chicken snack; she absolutely adores chicken, which dog doesn’t. She got a new soft toy in the shape of an octopus; it’s called Octi. And a new bright green ball to chase and fetch.

i will have to say that there is one way to tell that she’s more grown up. She was happy to sit for a photo so we have a nice photo of her with her cake and presents this year!