Book Review: Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis…

It has been a while since i posted a book review. It´s not that i have not been reading. It´s life becoming too busy.

i read this book more than a month ago and still the words ring in my head. This autobiography of a life lived purely for others is truly heartwarming and made me really look at my life and how it is being lived.

kissesfromkatieKatie was only 19 when she heard God´s call to love the people of Uganda. And she bravely stepped forward and allowed God to lead her. Of course, there were difficulties and doubts. There were trying times and dangerous times. There were lots of heartaches and pains. But through it all, she kept turning back to God, she kept the faith that God will always be there for her, working things out on her behalf. And God did and always will.

This is how Katie has chosen to live her life:

“To say yes to each and every thing He asks of me, to each person He places in front of me.”

“I am far from perfect, and God will use me. God will establish great things through me.
You are Peter. God already knows that you will make a mess, but His plan for you is great. Go. Feed His sheep.”

And then God gave her even more… He gave her daughters!

“This house has become a home, not just to me but to hundreds. It holds my heart. It holds so many lessons. It is a place where children can be children, where people can know that they are important and special and loved. It is a place where people accept Christ and learn about Him and grow in Him. It is my house. But mostly, it is a house of the Lord.”

i hope this will be what my house becomes too.

And for those whose heart is sad, she has these words to encourage you:

“Thank you that when i feel old and used-up and broken and no more exciting than a cardboard box, You (God) whisper that You love and value me, and that in Your eyes, i am shiny and new.”

That is how God sees us all.

There is so much more i wish to share from this book but i will let you read it for yourself. Katie Davis is amazing and courageous BUT she doesn´t think so. In her words:

“But i am just a plain girl from Tennessee. Broken in many ways, sinful , and inadequate. Common and simple with nothing special about me. Nothing special except i choose to say “yes.” “Yes” to the things God asks of me and “yes” to the people He places in front of me. You can too. i am just an ordinary person. An ordinary person serving an extraordinary God.”

And i must say that throughout the book she does not make you feel like you have to give up your life now and go to some far-flung country to serve God. You can serve God wherever He has placed you but you need to look at if you truly are saying “yes” to the things and persons God has placed in your life.

Do have a read and let me know what in her story touched you the most.


Blessed Easter…

This post is a day late… but still there is always time to reflect on the wonderful Gift of Love given to us more than 2000 years ago, when God’s own beloved Son gave up His Life so that we might have life, when He rose again after 3 days to give us hope to live life victorious through Him and His Sacrifice. Thank you God, Thank you Jesus!

Camera 360



That’s how i am feeling at the moment…

My poor husband has been unwell since November last year. He had Legionnaires Disease, recovered slightly but continued to feel terrible. After multiple visits to the doctor, he was finally diagnosed with Hyperthyroid. We were relieved, it is a well-documented and treatable condition. Now he is suffering from pains in both arms and legs. After a trip to the ER, a late night call to our family doctor, and an appointment today, it was concluded that the pains are a side effect of the thyroid meds. But it is still not getting better – sigh! – yet…

We can’t seem to catch a break with these health issues. We are also dealing with other issues which i am not ready to share. But it has indeed been one thing after another, all while trying to keep daily life on track.

A dear friend sent me this video to encourage me (Thank you my dear!):

It is a beautiful song. i have had dark times in my life before and focusing on the Lord always made it better and again it has worked.

But still it is human nature to ask, “Why Lord? Why?”.

Then i am reminded of this blog-post i read some time ago – God will give you more than you can handle: i guarantee it.

“…Actually, when I realized the simple fact that God can–and will–give us more than we can possibly bear, it got easier…”

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn of me…for my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” (Matt. 11: 28-30)

“…in that one verse he simply states the reason why we are given more than we can handle: It’s so we can come to him. It’s so we can trust him enough to hand over our heavy, crippling burdens and let him carry the load…”

What she says in there is so so true and really lifts my spirit. Because i don’t have to be strong all by myself. i can lean on God’s strength. i don’t have to be brave all by myself. Jesus is with me always. i don’t have to figure out what to do all by myself. The Holy Spirit is here to lead me.

i can, and i pray i will, come to my Lord and give Him all my cares and i will bless His Name… because…

“…he’s the only one who can make it bearable when life is simply anything but.”


i thank God for dear brothers- and sisters-in-Christ who stand by me in prayers and in spirit.