Orphan of the Month of May – Angel Crafts Shops…


This sweet 11.5 year old boy is waiting for his forever family.

He is 11.5 years old and has albinism. It has been reported that his medical condition has not affected his daily life and he is a bright boy who is shy in front of strangers. He helps his foster-mother with chores and does well in school.
He lives in a society where he will be discriminated against for the rest of his life because of his skin colour and vision problems. While he may be doing ok with his foster family now, he really needs a forever family who will be there for him for the rest of his life. He will always know that his foster family will never be his real family. He needs the support of a loving family he can call his own.
Because of prejudice in his home country against his condition, it would be almost impossible for him to be adopted domestically. An expensive international adoption is likely his chance at having a family of his own.

AngelCraftsShop would like to help ANDREW grow his adoption grant and get the word out that he needs a forever family. So in the month of May, 50% of all sales from AngelCraftsShop will be donated to ANDREW‘s adoption grant. 

We look forward to your help, through your purchases, to help ANDREW. And please also SHARE his story and pray for him. Thank you.


#happyhandmade sixty-one…

Yes i know – that is a strange title – what happened to 1 to 60?

Well, i only joined this link up post for crafters to show off their wares last week so i simply jumped in at the 61st post.

Anyhow, just a little background – #happyhandmade is run by DaftCrafts and it happens every Wednesday. The link opens on Wednesday and crafters can link up to 3 of their items to it. One of the requirements is that you would share the link-up to help everyone get more exposure.

We also get to pick our own favourites; we comment on DaftCrafts with 3 of our favourites.

BUT i couldn’t pick just 3 out of the 106 (well, 103, cos i can’t pick my own items)… so i have decided to do a weekly post and highlight 6 of those items here.

So here they are – this week i thought i overload you with cuteness 😉
(please note that pictures are copyrighted by the creators of the items and i’m using them just to direct you to their shop – click on the pictures to see more)

friedegghairpins greybunnycrochetedstuffedanimal pandafriendsno5watercolourpainting pictureperfectstickerpack pinkleopardbarefootsandals suessfluffbuttleggingsearshatAren’t they just adorable? Every one of those i would buy if money were not in consideration 🙂

Till next week’s #happyhandmade…