Tripping Along

This blog started life as ‘Wir sind Ausländern!! – regarding the misadventures of a Singaporean family in Switzerland’. That was January 2006. It was a way of keeping family and friends back home updated with our happenings. Our happenings include Daddy, Mummy & Baby, finding their way around in a different country where they did not yet speak the language.

Then at the start of 2012, it became ‘TrippingDifferently’. And it was still just about us, as a family of 3, exploring our host country of Switzerland, keeping family and friends updated, as well as highlighting how people are so different and have different viewpoints. This included posts about some of our favourite things – photography, writing/reading, food and crafts. As well as daily stuff such as everyday incidents, school and the lovely scenery we see each day. Also issues relating to family, education, interesting thoughts, faith (ours being Christian)  and being different (closest to heart) were featured too.

So that was my plan for this blog when i dreamed it up at the end of 2011/beginning of 2012. BUT… not for long! The good Lord has taken it much further! Right about the end of February 2012, this blog started featuring something way DIFFERENT… special needs orphans! That’s right, my heart broke and we entered the amazing yet heartbreaking world of special needs orphans (most in developing countries). And orphan advocacy became very much a part of this blog.

Since the last update of this page (Jan 2014) much has happened, life has taken us on many a trip, both up and down. My not-for-profit online shop, AngelCraftsShop, opened but i had to close at the end of 2017. i also fell off the orphan advocacy wagon for a while but NOW in 2018, i hope to get back into that. As well as bring another aspect of this blog back, writing stories; the process, struggles, successes (if any), tips i learned and more.

We invite you to join us and come tripping differently.

luv w, s & t aka yoongz

updated January 2018

5 Replies to “Tripping Along”

  1. Hello Sandra!

    I love the look of this new blog. tripping differently is unique for a blog name! Am slowly exploring your past stories 🙂 Let’s toast to new beginnings 🙂

    love, pam


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