Two Words…

At the beginning of the year, i wrote about looking ahead and having a quote which i would like to keep in mind for 2014…Quotation-R-J-Palacio-choosekind

Then i read what my dear friend, over at Wide Awake Family, wrote about what God told her to do – to Let Go

And i thought about it but didn’t come to any firm idea about what God (not just me) might want me to focus on.

Then i hit a rough patch last week and couldn’t shake a sadness which surrounded me. Now people who know me, know that i am the eternal optimist – always seeing the silver lining behind every dark cloud. So this inability to shake a sense of sadness was new and scary to me.

i wanted to pour all this unhappiness onto my dear husband, thinking it would make me feel better… BUT on the day i decided that, God spoke – He told me that isn’t it… He reminded me what He has been teaching me in the last 6 months – Be Content!

Now i didn’t think i was discontent. In fact, i know how very blessed i am to live this life i am living now. i lack nothing and have excess even. So i was being content, or wasn’t i?

twowords20140128God’s contentment is something else – it has to do with resting in Him. And that is what i need to do more. Be Content In The Lord! Not content with the material things i have or content with feel-good emotions. But CONTENT IN THE LORD!

How do i do that? What does this look like practically? i don’t know yet. However, i do know that my heart is much lighter since i recognised what the Lord would have me focus on. i pray He will show me the next steps in this contentment journey with Him. And i will share as He reveals more.

What is contentment to you? Care to share?


PS: Choosing kind is still something i want to be mindful of, especially for those closest to me, who tend to be on the receiving end of my temper many a time.

6 Replies to “Two Words…”

      1. OOPSIE sorrie..didnt see this. and wordpress no give me nudge when you reply hahaaa

        its an adventure of love, sadness romance – hahaha witty at times yet heartbreaking 🙂 u may like it


      2. no worries – i was just lazy to go look it up… oh & if you want notifications when someone replies to your comment, you have to check the notify me of replies box when you make a comment.


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