20 Common Grammar Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Makes…

i love words, i love how they string together to express a thought or tell a story. i love the expression of words and how a single word or group of words can lead one to happy emotions or sad emotions.

However, where words exist so does this thing called Grammar! Yep, not one of my favourite words and yet so essential if, like me, you enjoy both reading and writing. No doubt i have already made a few grammatical errors in the few sentences i have just written.

The article below has a long list of 20 mistakes commonly made, even by good writers/novelists. i have had lots fun reading it and want to highlight my pet errors.

  1. Who & Whom – i have major problems with this one. i often wonder who was it who decided that the two should exist. To whom do these two words bring ‘glory’?
  2. May & Might – i might have less problems with grammar if i had paid attention in school. But i may yet catch up, now that i know the error of my ways.
  3. Farther & Further – You would think that i could get a lot further by actually attending a proper English grammar class but i think i need not go farther than the end of this article.
  4. Affect & Effect – i wonder if this article would affect the way you write at all or are you immune to the effects of a grammar lesson.

i’m no grammar guru, i just enjoy playing with these crazy words. Enjoy how English grammar can create a wonderfully topsy-turvy world of mixed-up words for us.

20 Common Grammar Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Makes | LitReactor.


4 Replies to “20 Common Grammar Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Makes…”

  1. Who and whom kills me all the time. I just hate how WHOM sounds when used correctly. It sounds like some prim and proper English nanny is talking. Yuck. Grammar catches all of us at one point or another, doesn’t it?


    1. hahhaaa… love that prim and proper English nanny bit 😉 It is true that speak absolutely correct English does sound stiff-upper-lipped… i’m actually for not speaking proper English but it does irritate me when written English has bad grammar 😉


  2. All over the place I see people using words in the wrong way or putting punctuation in the wrong spots. You would think that noone was ever taught proper grammer in school. I mean grammer is one of those things that you learn right from the start. I fell across this great article when I was trying to educate a friend. I think everyone should read this article to better understand how to write right.http://www.contentforconversions.com/seo-tips-learn-to-write-right/ Thanks for the entertaining post.


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